I just saw "Fantastic Mr. Fox". What a great movie!

I liked it a lot more than “UP”. It was great! Full of wit and verve, good writing and great animation.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

I was surprised by how good it was too.

It’s done by the same person who did Royal Tenenbaums and such, so that kind of explains it not being run-of-the-mill.

I couldn’t help thinking that FMF was being played by Denis Leary, even though I knew it was George Cloony.

I didn’t realize Bill Murray was the Badger until I googled the cast.

I thought it was kind of pointless and unappealing. Yes, the animation and the minor story details were innovative and well done. On a bigger scale, though, it seemed like a typical Roald Dahl schmaltz ‘n’ vinegar special: it’s very proud of itself for being so dark and transgressive, but deep down you never really break out of the loop of standard corny fictional themes like Poorly Adjusted Rebellious Kid Finds Achievement and Self Esteem, or Middle-Aged Family Man Risks All for Thrills of Recaptured Youth, and so on.

Roald Dahl movies are just Leave it to Beaver in goth costumes, basically.

You got “dark and transgressive” and “goth” out of this wild and exuberant romp? It had some violence, but all very necessary in advancing the story. The vivid characterizations, the dancing wordplay, and the brilliant script amount to “Leave it to Beaver in goth costumes” for you?

I generally love Wes Anderson, but I literally fell asleep in the theatre during this one. It wasn’t his best work.

I didn’t like it.

I thought the voice acting was uninspired despite the cast of A-listers in Clooney, Streep and Murray. I only heard Clooney’s voice in the dialogue and never disassociated actor and character if that makes any sense.

Also the ‘cuss’ gag as “What the cuss, etc.” was way over-played.
Talk about running a joke into the ground.

Thumbs down declare I.

I LOVE THIS FILM! I saw it multiple times in the theater and I’d see it again in a heartbeat. I’d agree with the fun and exuberant, and quirky (in the best way), and silly and just plain grin-all-the-way-through-itness. It’s for people who want to have fun, not for those with a perpetual case of the Mondays.

How would you know? You fell asleep. Why do people who fall asleep during a movie feel they’re qualified to comment on the movie’s quality? They didn’t see it! It’s so perplexing to me. Falling asleep at a movie is no reflection of a movie’s worth, just of your own state of tiredness. Anyway, thanks for buying a ticket and supporting it.

I thought I would love it, since I love Wes Anderson movies, Roald Dahl, and Jason Schwartzman. But I very much did not love it.

The animation style was interesting at first, but sustained for an entire movie it just didn’t work. It felt better suited for a commercial. And the close-ups were strangely unsettling. Like minlokwat, I found the voice acting to be uninspired and only heard George Clooney. The whole thing seemed to go on forever, and I kept waiting for it to change my mind, but when the movie was over I was simply relieved to be done with it.

I fell asleep for about 20 minutes in the third act (and not the last 20 minutes.) Yes, I was tired, but I didn’t realize that going in, and when I did realize it I wasn’t invested enough in the film to fight it. WA’s films tend to have a tone that is set early and stays steady throughout. If you don’t like any given 5 minutes of one of his movies, you’re probably not going to like the movie. Unlike minlokwat, I liked “what the cuss,” but like Chum, I was relieved when it ended. I think it would’ve been an awesome short, but it wasn’t a good feature.

My husband and I just saw it this weekend. We thought it was great. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. I thought the animation was terrific and otherworldly. My husband’s still going around making those noises the foxes make when they eat. Two thumbs up.

I’ve been doing that too. But only when I pretend to eat our cat.

I was a little shocked by the posts saying they didn’t like it, but I guess nothing can be liked by everybody.

I began to watch this film expecting to be getting a run of the mill roald-dahl adaptation/kids film with twee-ness and schmaltziness. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.

Ironically I am not a Wes Anderson fan. I thought Royal Tennenbaums was meh. I stopped watching the Darjeeling Limited becuase I was intensely bored.