The Fantastic Mr. Fox (movie) Appreciation Thread

I cannot get enough of this movie.

I Netflixed it when it came out on DVD and liked it well enough…It’s now on HBO’s run and I have seen and On Demanded it probably 20 times. As I am watching it right now I am recording it to my DVR so I can watch it whenever I want forever. I love it. The writing, the voice acting, the weird animation style, and especially the sets that look just gorgeous.

Who else is with me?

I fucking loved it. The dialog, the characters, the animation… it rocked on all levels. I was a fan of the book as a kid, and I loved how they brought it to the screen.

I love it as well, and my son (he’s 10) is obsessed with it. It’s funny; it really struck a deep chord with him. He read the book because of it, and loved it, and has moved on to more Roald Dahl.

My favorite Wes Anderson film. I’d love to see him do another stop motion project. I think the animated characters suit his style/vision just as well as human actors do.

I loved it! I am very much NOT an animation fan; though I do have my favorites, (Shrek and Megamind, for example) they are anomalies. So in general I tend to just avoid most animated…well, anythings.
But the pre-teen boys, well…they just had to watch it. No problem.
I love it :smiley:
Just hilarious.

Very quirky and well done movie. It had a little too much of the typical too-cute Wes Anderson dialog (mostly through Jason Schwartzman, one of his regular vicarious mouthpieces,) but the visual aesthetic of the film was fantastic and I really loved the detail in the early 20th-century English-style clothing. One of my favorite parts ironically was not even the animals, it’s when they show the various humans having a little impromptu village party during the siege of the fox tunnels. The clothes and facial expressions are just incredible.

I’d enjoy a non-animal cartoon film animated in the same style. A Withnail and I-type story set in rural England would be great.

Count me in as absolutely loving the movie! It’s so funny but the humor is often dry and subtle. Some of the funniest moments are in the pauses and facial expressions. I saw this a few times in the theater and haven’t watched it since it came out on DVD. Are there any extras on the DVD?

Tk-tk, whoo

I loved it. Wish I had a good emote for his trademark noise and the finger clicks. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve never been able to master the click and the whistle…but I will text back and forth with a friend of mine who also loves the movie and will say things like…

“Ooo a blueberry! x.x”

and she will say “I just need to know you’re paying attention” to which I will reply “@.@”

I finally caught this movie last night. I can’t remember when I’ve been so blindsided (the good kinda blindsided) by a film. The word that comes to mind is ‘sharp’. Sharp dialogue, sharp humor, sharp characters. That freakin’ hoe-down type performance was worth the price of admission.

This is one zippy movie. I spent random moments of my day today thinking about it.

Love it.

I’ll join in with the love for this movie. I thought it was great - fresh, interesting, entertaining, even moving at times. There were of course a few moments that fell flat (Mr. Fox: “Because I’m a wild animal.”) but there was so much good going on that it didn’t matter. I’ve watched it about four times since I first saw it and it still holds up.
Semi-related: After weeks of wearing them down, I finally convinced my parents to watch it. I watched it with them. They thought it was “weird, but okay.” I was more than disappointed by this. Oh well, who knows?

I agree, it was actually one of the best parts of the movie, ironically since it featured humans rather than animals. I’d really enjoy a non-animal animated film done in this same style, something like a Monty Python-esque British adventure set in a rural area.

How old are they? If they’re older than 50, I don’t think they’d go for Wes Anderson’s shtick.

Age has nothing to do with it. I’m over 50 and I adore Wes Anderson, and there are plenty of people under 50 who just don’t get him.

FWIW, and I hope this isn’t a threadshit, but I loathed this movie. I thought that he turned a crackling trickster-tale into a bourgeois midlife-crisis story. It’s everything I hate about Wes Anderson, and it’s the reason I’ll never watch another of his movies again.

My dad insisted I watch FMF, I’d never heard of it and didn’t know what to expect. I kept alternating between wtf? and uproarious laughter.

When the kid spit on the floor I about had a fit laughing and the possum with the googly eyes - I can barely type for laughing now. The voice acting was extremely well done.

If you didn’t like it you probably have pelt lice. @.@ I keed, I keed.

That’s a bad song Petey!

I just watched this recently too. I…didn’t dislike it, I kind of enjoyed it even, but the dominant reaction I have to the movie is pretty much bewilderment. It was just so unusual and out of left field.

Very interesting–my problem with it was that it wasn’t nearly far enough out in left field, that it took the roguish lifestyle of the original story and turned it into a lower-middle-class exploration of insecure masculinity. The art direction was of course phenomenal, and it had some funny bits (I agree that the hoedown scene was brilliant), but the central theme of the movie was so totally trapped in Anderson’s navel-gazing neuroses that I just couldn’t stomach it.

Funny, I’ve been trying to get my (adult) kids to watch this with me for nearly a year (I had never seen it but have read the glowing reviews). They finally relented. One said the “weird, but okay” line. The other? Literally 10 seconds into it stated, “I already don’t like this movie.”