I just saw STAR WARS -- it's really fun! (spoilers OK)

I can’t believe I waited in line (which stretched from The Orpheum halfway down State Street!) for a movie I knew nothing about, other than that TIME called it “a cowboy movie in space”. Now the other Sci-Fi movies I’ve seen were 2001 and Silent Running, and frankly, they were boring. And most “special” effects are obviously models on wires.

So I wasn’t expecting much … but …

It was GREAT! It had all the adventure cliches: the kid who feels like he doesn’t belong (because his destiny lies elsewhere), the wise-cracking rogue (with a heart of gold), the damsel in distress (who can handle a gun), the wise old hermit (who’s really a powerful mentor) and a bigger-than-life bad guy. And I mean that literally – he picks up a guy and chokes him! What a way to introduce a character.

And the dialogue is so cheesy it’s fun. “Traveling through hyperspace isn’t like dusting crops, boy.”, “Aren’t you a little short for a storm trooper?”, “I have a very bad feeling about this.”, and I loved “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” I say this to some of my friends as I pantomime choking them, and the people who’ve seen the movie laugh and say “Wasn’t that a cool movie?”.

Now, I’ll probably end up over-thinking and arguing about this movie in years to come, but for now I just want to revel in the sheer joy of a “cowboy movie in space”.

So, have you seen it? What’d you think of it?

I bet it’ll flop.

I think the best part about this movie is that it leaves the door open for other movies to follow. I mean there are a lot of loose ends.

I hope luke and leia have a good love story.

STAR WARS…that’s the one with the guy with pointy ears, right?

That Darth Vader must have had a rough childhood . . .

Interesting that you say that dalovindj. I wonder what happened before this story starts?

>>STAR WARS…that’s the one with the guy with pointy ears, right?

No, that’s Star TREK. Easy to get them mixed up.
A guy at school thought we were talking about a Star Trek movie, and I got thinking, “They should make one. THAT would have even more action!”

No, I think that’s Star Search.

Maybe its the one with Bill Pullman as the Preident?

Man, the lag on this board can be SEVERE!!

Oh, and I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m already pissed off about the direction the producer is going with this story. I don’t think he’s being true to the characters. Even the ones he hasn’t created yet.

I also think he’s totally sold out and gone commercial.

What’s his name, anyway? I want to write him and tell him about my fan fiction.

Nothing worth mentioning.

Star…Wars?? Never heard of him.

Just saw it, it was great!
They need to start merchandising though,
you know, toys, lunchboxes, clothes, etc.
I bet people would go for that.

Nothing worth mentioning.

digs said:

That just hurts in so many ways…

I went but the line for Annie Hall was shorter–more my kinda flick anyway.

What’s Star Search? And who’s Bill Pullman? I’m up on all the hippest culture (Bellamy Brothers, Roots), and I’ve never heard of either.

I’m seeing these words on my TV but I don’t know where they are coming from… I should never have screwed around with my pong game it has been acting funny since I added those phone parts to make the padles smaller.

I saw that movie too. Luke and Leia sure make a cute couple.

STAR SEARCH: the incredible adventure of a giant spacecraft carrying the survivors of a dead planet Earth on the most critical mission ever launched by man: an endless journey across the Universe in search of a new world. Earth ship ARK: hundreds of miles long… a huge grapelike cluster of metal domes, each a tiny world isolated from all the others. In the countless generations that have lived and died since the launching of the ARK, everyone has forgotten that the Earth ever existed… forgotten that they are streaking through space on a collision course with disaster.

So it has something to do with streaking.