I just saw the 2 most stupidest women in America..

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Does it embarrass you ladies when you see stuff like that?

I just saw the dumbest poster in the world!

“most stupidest” eh?

Does it bother you men when you see stuff like that?

Coldfire what time is it over there?

Geesh, if only this were the Pit

It doesn’t bother me.

Everyone knows that all the smart women are on Supermarket Sweep

It does, in fact, make me deeply ashamed, because the actions of every woman in the world are a personal reflection on me, and, in fact, on every other woman. Didn’t you notice all of us hiding our faces in shame when that Lewinski chick was all over the news?



I didn’t see what happened on that show. Can someone please tell me what wuz going on so that I can enjoy this thread too?

they had 3 female contestants in a row…the first 2 gave new meaning to the phrase “dumb blonde” “airhead”…but the last contestant was smart as a whip.

I saw the show…I was embarrassed for them. And one of them was a teacher! I’m frightened for those poor students of hers

We’ve talked about this before… That show is tough because you have to have a very well-rounded knowledge base.

Generalization: Highly educated people are more likely to miss the low dollar figure pop culture questions.

I would have done the same thing the teacher did with the Tories question, except after the ask the audience I would have gone with Tories. I must admit that I wast sure about the zebra question, but if I had been there I would have had a lifeline left.

Oops. . . . I thought this was a thread about Rosie O’Donnell.


I only saw the one woman with the large gums who ALMOST missed the Mr. T question. But then when I checked back she was at $64,000.

What did the other one do?

Hey! I missed “Millionare” last night (I did, however, watch “Drew Carey”)! What were the questions?

‘What direction does the needle on a compass always point?’
[north, but she shed a lifeline]
[$100]'A person whos is hallucinating sees what? [pink elephants][used a lifeline]

Gosh! Those are kinda easy. . .

>>> I just saw the 2 most stupidest women in America…

… next time, mirror the ceiling instead of the floor.