Misogyny's Video Clips, please

For reasons I don’t care to explain, I would like to compile some video clips of beautiful girls saying really stupid things.

What should I use? The only thing that comes to mind is the beauty pageant contestant (Miss South Carolina?) stumbling through some convoluted answer without making a lick of sense.

Can anyone suggest three or four other sources that meet this requirement?

(Before it’s offered: Sarah Palin has no shortage of idiotic comments, and for a politician, she’s quite the hottie, but she’s not the smoking hot babe, at least now. So thanks, but no thanks).

You could try googling for clips from The Man Show. They occasionally had stuff like that.

On Michael Moore’s Farenheit 9/11 there’s a clip of Britney Spears saying that we should just do whatever the government tells us to do.

Well, Jan Brewer aint a hottie, but she is extremely unintelligent.

If I rejected Palin as being not hot enough, in what universe would Brewer meet the requirement?

Hey, it bumped your thread and gave me the chance to stumble across loads of other funny shit. But sorry anyway.

Oh, and I suppose that Nancy Grace is not good enough for you either, huh?

Wow. We’re actually going backwards.

When we get to Andrea Dworkin, we should probably stop.

I’ll admit I didn’t sit through it, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find something stupid said in this 1972 Jane Fonda interview.

Having watched the first part, I’m going to say this is probably not what I’m looking for either. Some of Fonda statements are shockingly naive, such as her professed belief that the Vietnam POWs were being “treated well,” and having their minds expanded in new directions by the books they were given to read… but that’s more the result of being sold on a “Potemkin village” visit by the North Vietnamese. In other words, she believed something that wasn’t true, but she didn’t get to that belief by utter stupidity or by moral vacuousness. She WANTED to care; WANTED to be doing the right thing. She wasn’t, but not because of stupidity.

I’m looking for statements that reveal an utter lack of basic learning, something that you might see on Jaywalking. In fact, Jaywalking may be what I need.

I’ll give you the hottie factor on her, though. In '72, she was a hot chick.

That’s why I suggested The Man Show. They did a bit where they asked people on the street if women’s suffrage should be eliminated. A lot answered “Yes. Women have already suffered enough.” I found the clip, but alas no hotties on it.

Bloopers/outtakes from TV anchor “personalities” would probably be another good resource.

ETA: or just normal dialog from them, actually, although you might have to wait five or ten minutes for one to say something exceptionally stupid. (Unless it’s morning news.)

How about the line that two years ago she didn’t even know where Vietnam was? That would have been 1970. How many Americans in 1970 didn’t at least know that Vietnam was in Southeast Asia? And despite this amazing confession of ignorance she was now presenting herself as a pundit on the issue.

I took that to be hyperbole: Two years ago, I knew next to nothing about the issue; now, look at me!

Bricker, sorry that we’re not pulling through for you. But maybe that’s a good thing in the long run. Maybe really beautiful women don’t say incredibly stupid things all that often.

Did you get Jessica Simpson and the Chicken of the Sea thing? How about the opposite marriage girl? Isn’t the Fox and Fiends bimbo a former beauty queen, not the short guy, the blonde. How about my wife? <ouch, hey quit it, i’m saying you’re hot!>

I tried to find a beauty pageant clip - Miss USA or Miss America - from 30+ years ago where one of the Miss’ answered her question by stating that she wanted to feed the world and introduce ventriloquism into modern journalism…

I’ve heard that Paris Hilton was pretty dumb in the Simple Life. Her personality might not be great, but she was pretty attractive.

There’s that Miss South Carolina thing.

How about her?Is she hot? < you tube vid.

How about scouring you tube for clips of Elizabeth Hasselbeck, whom I have heard is dumb, but I don’t really follow the View much.

Or Kendra Wilkinson who is one of Hugh Heffner’s girlfriends. The Soup makes fun of her all the time.