At least she's pretty
Posted without comment, except to say this is AWESOME!


Such as…

South Africa and such…

Bless her heart for trying though.

Poor education. She didn’t say it, she just demonstrated it. A correct answer given in a creative manner. However, we are all dumber for having heard that.

she would need to be a lot prettier than that to get away with that.

But, but, but – don’t you all feel sorry for those sad US Americans who don’t have maps?

Well, you have to give her credit, those were almost all real English words that she used in her reply.

I love the M.C.'s gentleness. “Thank you very much, South Carolina.” (“You’d better put that helmet back on, sweetie.”)

Maybe for you!

:: Sunspace chokes back snarky remark on how he can do better and he doesn’t even need English to do it ::

Is that lack of knowledge or is it presentation difficulties?

(Another appreciation for the MC’s gentleness.)

I’ll lend her my map, but she’s going to have to come over and pick it up.

I would have loved for her to give that Miss America wave and proudly and confidently say:

“So long, and thanks for all the fish…”

[sup]She did specify U.S. Americans.[/sup]

The kind-hearted soul that I am, I just thought at first that the poor gel got nervous up there with all the bright lights and she went to pieces answering what seems like a pretty straightforward question.

But the more I watch it, the more embarrassed I get. :o

Words fail me. Every word she uttered took away some of her beauty. By the end of her “reply” she was approaching monster/beast status for me. She had not one clue…I doubt there was a complete sentence in that drivel of words she spouted.
If she wins, there is no god.

She’s pretty in a generic barbie doll sense. There are a million sorority girls at any university that have the same fundamental features as her and given good makeup and a pretty dress, would look just like her. In addition, I find that straightened-highlighted-blond hairstyle to be the most uninteresting hairstyle a woman could possibly have.

(Well what are you? Tom Cruise?! No, but I did have a woman that I waited on tell me that I looked just like Tobey Maguire. She gave me a 10 dollar tip too.)

… with her butt cheeks. Oh wait, that’s what she’ll be doing with dollar bills after she loses the competition.

Well, she DID answer the question, as dnooman noted. So sad. Maybe there is something to those hair dye rumors after all.

Extemporaneous speeches are a bitch to handle, but don’t pageant models/contestants rehearse for the likely questions? I thought the US South was pageantland- she was the best South Carolina had to offer?

ow. just . . . ow.

You know, I don’t really have that particular hangup. She’s hot and I would hit in a heartbeat.

I believe I am missing some of your standard equipment. There are too many women who are both beautiful and smart for this chick to succeed. (you really don’t get turned off by someone so stupid? You can’t keep her quiet all the time–imagine post coital conversation with her. And then go get some anti-emetic–you’re going to need it). :slight_smile: