I just saw "The Laramie Project" and really enjoyed it

Pretty simple point: it moved me. The actors at my university are skilled.

Things I’m thinking about:

  1. Compassion–there are hints that Matthew Shepard wasn’t that great of a guy, but you pity him. However, they also set it up that we felt some sadness for Henderson and his family. It’s interesting, and now I’m thinking about the spectrum of compassion–at what point do somebody’s actions/flaws put them beyond sympathy? Is there such a line?

  2. Preaching to the choir–I wasn’t really into hate before the play, so it affected me emotionally without really changing my viewpoint. Do you know anyone who’s actually had a change of heart from watching it, or is it ultimately just a feel-good piece that leaves you (well, me) thinking?

Aside from the really powerful scenes, that’s what struck me about The Laramie Project.

Do current productions address the possibility that the killers were not homophobes, but just violent assholes who wanted money for crystal meth?