I just sent a fax......

…to my left ear.

End of the day, rush to get stuff out - mail, faxes, memos and the like.

Wasn’t paying attention to the fax number I was dialing, and ended up dialing our office number.

So I am standing at the fax machine when I hear the phone ring, just as the fax was connecting - gotta keep an eye on the machine so it will send properly (hit the button when it connects and the fax will go through - hey, it’s an old machine).

Choice - let the phone ring or let the fax miss out. Nope, gotta get the phone. So I leap around the desk, grab the phone and start to spit out the company name when…


The part of my brain that could still function said out loud: “Expletive, now who the expletive is faxing my left ear, I wish I had an expletiving whistle so I could give them a taste of their own medicine, expletive.”

I then noticed the fax had cut off as soon as I slammed down the phone.

“…oh, it was me.”

I hate when I get faxed in the ear. First time I had ever faxed myself.

Not to be rude, but BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

That’s hilarious! I do hope your hearing wasn’t damaged. <snicker snicker>

Don’t tell your coworkers - you’ll never hear the end of it.

points and laughs!

Well, I can’t laugh too much. I have checked that fax machines and modems are dialing like they’re supposed to by dialing my phone number at work and picking it up to see if I can hear it try to handshake.

At one tech job I had done this so much that [geek mode] a coworker and I used to greet each other in the morning by doing our best to imitate two modems trying to communicate. [/geek mode]

:::hangs head in shame:::

There was a time when I did work in an office… and I have done this too many times to count.
I feel your pain. :slight_smile:


I’ve never done anything like that but I just had to come in here and giggle. Funny :slight_smile:

Yep the 'ol fax in the ear. Pure pain.

I get this less often at the new job - the phone and fax number are miles apart digit-wise.

Now at my old job, sheesh, I would get a faxed ear at least once a day (not counting dialbacks) 'cuz the phone and fax numbers were sequential:

phone = xxx0
fax = xxx1

That’ll teach me to pay attention to what I am doing. At least for a day or two.