I just spent 40 minutes soaking my feet in tea

TMI: I have terribly sweaty feet. Thankfully, they don’t smell (trust me). But I am so sick of cold, clammy feet.

I’ve read that the tannins in the tea will “clog” the sweat pores, limiting the sweating for a few weeks or so. So I boiled some water and steeped 6 bags for 10 minutes, then added some warm water and plopped my feet in for about 40 minutes.

Oh, how I hope this works. I’ve been wearing Smartwool socks daily for the past 5 years, and they have made a huge improvement. I have a Christmas party in a few weeks, and the typically thin dress socks are always a huge burden.

I plan to soak them everyday until Friday, then maybe treat myself to a new pair of shoes. I hope this works!

Have you tried or considered Certain Dri on your feet? Works like a charb for B2BS (between the boob sweat) and under arms. Apply it at night, allow to dry, then get under the covers for beddy bye.

The aerosol antiperspirant Arrid Extra Dry will help a lot. Most deodorants have 5 - 8% of the active ingredient. Arrid Extra Dry has about 25%.

I think I’ll try that if the tea doesn’t do the trick.

Certain Dri works amazingly well on the pits. I never even thought to use it for underboob sweat. I think I may need to try that. I haven’t used it in years because I need the feeling of deodorant (and because I really don’t sweat all that much)

congodwarf, you use it at night. I still apply deodorant (Mitchum gel, for the inquiring minds) in the day time, then blow dry my pits so it adheres to the skin.

I did use it at night but when my mom told me about it, she said to not wear any other deodorant. I was young and still somewhat obedient so I did what she told me.

Try the blowdrying your pits thing too after applying regular deodorant in the AM - everyone I’ve recommended it to loves it. If sweating/odor is a problem, it clears it right up. I’ve got fierce sweating genes from Dad and crazy stinky pit genes from Mom. When their powers combine…:wink:

Ewwwww. :smiley:
I will definitely do that if I ever do anything where sweat is an issue.

I will have to try this stuff. My feet sweat a lot and they literally freeze in the winter time.

Certain Dri has a some special products for feet. FWIW.

Nothing for Between the Boob Sweat. Although it sounds like it would be a funny SNL skit. Like Super-Colon-Blow.

and it tastes awful!

Have you thought about Botox?

I figured I’d try something cheap first.

They actually so far feel dryer today.

If you were the Queen of England in the olden days, your retainers would recycle that foot-tea by selling it to Her Subjects!

Ewww. I just ate a sloppy tunafish sandwich.

Sorry! But the rumour was one of the king’s mistresses in England (or Spain) took beauty baths in milk, or wine, which was later bottled and sold to the public. This was in the days before anyone knew about germs, or maybe they just didn’t say anything about the bath part. And since tea was very rare and expensive many years ago, some servant probably thought, hmmm, shame to dump that out, that footbath tea could make me a few pennies on the side…

Well, day two of soaking (last night).

Can’t say they feel better today.

Going to soak again tonight.

I am soaking mine as we speak,its winter time and i should of kept it hot…ha ha !

Anyways I used to use Dr. Scholls Antiperspirant Spray.
My feet stopped sweating and stopped freezing.
Problem is I can not find it anywhere in Canada anymore.
They only have deodorant spray…just not the same.

If any one, seen any in any stores ,PLEASE let me know.

That’s only used when absolutely nothing else works. There is also a prescription product called Drysol that is often used on the palms and soles; it’s not very expensive, and whenever I’ve filled it, it was always covered by insurance without any issues. It can be prescribed by your family doctor.

I’m a Lady Mitchum gel girl. When I use Lady Mitchum, no deodorant is needed. When my armpits don’t sweat, no odor ensues. It is good for underboob and interboob sweat too. If I had sweaty feet, I would use it rubbed on my feet.