Recommend a good antiperspirant

Man, this week for some reason my pits have been dripping every morning by the time I walk into the office. It’s really unpleasant and driving me crazy. I think it’s that they’ve cranked up the heating on the Overground, so that by the time I get off the train and into the office, I’ve soaked through my first few layers, which happen to be the ones I wear around all day. The office is a bit warm as well, so I don’t think bringing a work shirt to change into would be effective.

So I’m looking for a really killer deodorant/antiperspirant so I don’t spend all day squidging around trapped in my own underarm moisture. I’ve tried Mitchum, but for some reason it just made me smell like butter.

You’re in London aren’t you? If so, they sell the American brand “Mitchum” in Boots (I think). Apparently it’s so good “you can even skip a day”. How very 1950s!


Never tried it myself, but might be worth a shot.

Which Mitchum did you try? The scented one, forget what it’s called but the writing is in pink, smells like Johnson baby powder, it’s nice. Try putting Mitchum on at night, for some reason some anti-perspirants work if you put them on at night. They bind to your skin or something, I don’t really understand, there was a thread about it a few months ago.

There is a roll-on thingy called Perspirex which you can get in Superdrug or Boots, you put it on at night and it stops problem perspiration. It stings like a bitch when you first try it though and can cause a rash. I got that and it settled down after a few uses. Triple Dry is supposed to be the same thing but is a spray.

London’s been really humid these last few days, some people find humid heat more sweat-inducing. Your body might be getting used to 12 degrees C instead of minus 2 or 3, and is reminding itself how to sweat!! :wink:

My BFF has sweating issues and until she switched to Mitchum, was always smelly.
I don’t know what the deal is with it, but it has been around since the Dawn of Civilization and all the Official Old People swear by it.


I have medical problems that cause me to have issues with this so I had to switch over to one of those clinical strength antiperspirants. I’ve been using Dove Clinical Strength for a few months now and it’s great.

Don’t worry about brand. Just look at the back for information on the active ingredient. Find one with the highest percentage possible (somewhere b/t 17 and 20%).

Granted, there are different active ingredients used in APs, but this method has served me well in the past.

Certain Dri. Stupid name, but the stuff is hardcore. Put it on before bedtime every other day, then apply regular deodorant in the morning.

I second the Mitchum. I’m a serious sweater and have used the gel for years. They make scents for men and women, but the all have the same active ingredient, so just use whichever smells good. (While female, I am partial to the mens Sport scent myself.)
A small word of warning: The Mitchum “smart solid” is the most effective in terms of antiperspirant effects, but it is hard to wash off your clothes, and will melt onto them in the dryer, creating weird scaled patches. I prefer the gel myself - easy on your clothes and still quite effective.

I second this and add that the Degree Clinical Strength is also quite good.

Yes. This or the Secret Clinical Strength. In case you don’t have those brands there, the key appears to be that they recommend you put it on the night before so it has a head start on working (though I’ve noticed after a while, you don’t absolutely have to do this), and the active ingredient is listed as “20% aluminum zirconium tetracholorhydrex gly”.

I use the Mitchum Fresh ______ (cant remember) Scent. It really works!

I use Mitchum roll-on. Icky upon application, but it works. Apply before bed, and in the morning.

I use the Old Spice High Endurance series. It is a deodorant with mild antiperspirant properties. I don’t like strong antiperspirants because they make my skin feel dry and uncomfortable. But for me, the Old Spice has the perfect balance between comfort and antiperspirant properties.

I apply it right after showering. If I don’t, I smell like a pig 5 mins later.

Another vote for Mitchum. Many years ago I worked in a pharmacy and my boss said it was the best. Of course technology has changed but it seems to have stood the test of time if other dopers are endorsing it.

This is the one I use. For some reason, I’ve started sweating a lot more in the last year and this stuff works well.

I just bought my first thing of Degree (regular strenght).

This stuff doesn’t even wash off in the shower. Noy easily anyway.

This stuff sucks. At least for me, it was useless. Applying every other day quickly and painfully dried out my skin, and it wasn’t nearly effective enough to put up with that.

Drysol, on the other hand, needs application only once a week (again, for me, ymmv) and works unbelievably well.

Oooh, thanks for that. I will share with my sweaty friend.

I don’t like Mitchum. It worked well, but my pits ended up a bit sticky and it bugged the living hell out of me. Now I use Degree Men from Costco, though I can say I haven’t yet found my perfect brand yet.