Guys: Recommend Me A Decent Deodorant, Please?

I’ve been using Mitchum Sport-scented Power Gel, and you know that slogan they have - something like “Works so well, you could even skip a day”?

I decided to put that to the test and the next day I smelled my armpits?

Shooo-weee! Talk about gagging a maggot!:stuck_out_tongue: I felt my eyes start to water! (J/K)

So I’m looking for something else.

What do y’all use and does it work for you?

(Not talking about skipping a day - just wanna know what y’all think is the BEST product!:))



I may be risking my man card over this, but I like Dove antiperspirant. Light scent and, in my experience, solid coverage.

Mr. Horseshoe is partial to the Arm&Hammer brand. He uses whatever scent has the dark green label.

Makes him smell good to me! :slight_smile: YM(and that of the ladies in your life)MV

I have also heard anecdotally that applying milk of magnesia to your pits can help a lot.

Mitchum unscented. Every day.

Whatever unscented stick is on sale when you buy it.

Speed Stick, Ocean Surf .

Tom Tildrum, I think your “man-card” is safe, buddy! :wink:

When I ran out once, I used my wife’s Secret (“Made for a woman, but strong enough for a man”)! :slight_smile:

purplehorseshoe. Your post cracked me up till I mentioned it to my wife who told me that because MoM has aluminum silicate in it, that it WOULD make a good deodorant.

Be kinda messy, though!:stuck_out_tongue:

Q-Bro! Okay, then that’s one vote for Mitchum!

Good to see ya in the thread!:slight_smile:


I have trouble getting just antiperspirant to work (and I use the unscented Mitchum 48hr stuff), but I’ve gotten results when I use one of those natural salt deodorants beforehand.

Gillette Sport Clear Gel. Handles work sweat and flop sweat equally well.

I exclusively use a deodorant stone, nowadays. Sure, I still sweat- but I don’t stink, I can easily skip a day or two, and the stone lasts forever. I’ve been using the same one now for over two years, and it’s not appreciably smaller.

Another fan of the deodorant stone/crystal.

Been using them for several years now, and haven’t received any complaints. As noted, they last a very long time, and what I also like is that the stuff goes on very easily. Roll-ons are gummy, sticks are sticky…I keep my stone on the edge of the tub and put it on while my pits are still wet, then let them dry naturally. No muss, no fuss, etc.

I’m sure there are different formulations, but I would advise folks to beware of so-called “unscented” deodorants. Personally, I can smell that God-awful chemical stew a mile away on many people. If forced to choose between them, I would go for good old honest B.O. over that stuff.

Okay. The “deodorant stone”?

I’ll give it a try. Pits wet, right, or else it doesn’t work, or what?



Yeah, either wet pits, or you can run the stone under some warm water before applying if your pits are dry. You need some liquid for it to glide on.

Generally found at health food stores. I’ve even seen a kind that emulates the push up stick model in a tube, but then you’re paying for the extra plastic.

The ones I get are big and easy to get a grip on up to the time they ultimately wear down. But that takes a long time.

Degree…the kind they sell at Costco. Mitchum left my pits all tacky.

I like the Old Spice sport scent.

Okay, next question (deodorant stone): Who figured that shit out?:slight_smile:

Quasi pictures caveman walking along, sniffing pits, saying “Holy Jesus yet to come, I sure do stank!”, and finds himself a rock and begins rubbing in into his pits.

EvilTOJ: I like that commercial too! Is that what they call “seamless” filming?



Mitchum unscented. I’ve never found anything else that was even close. Pretty expensive, but it works well and it’s completely unscented.

Another vote for Degree. I’ve been using it for years, and recently my wife was unhappy what she used so she picked up Degree for women and loves it.

Sure Powder Dry. Strictly the Original Solid though. Those clear / invisible ones feel sticky and there’s nothing worse than sticky pits.

Mitchum Unscented antiperspirant. I’ve tried others, but keep coming back, and I hate scented ones. Ugh.