The best deodorant? (slightly TMI)

Here’s the situation: I just started taking karate. I go to the gym, do some cardio for about 20 minutes, then change into the uniform and go to class. The thing is, I don’t want to get to class all smelly and sticky, b/c people have to stand pretty close to you when you spar and practice technique. I don’t want to offend, ya know? It’s not that I reek or anything (I shower twice a day on workout days), but I get self-conscious b/c I have a great sense of smell and if I can smell myself, it bugs me.

I need to find a deodorant that will completely suppress any armpit odor and wetness (b/c I don’t want to sweat on the uniform-- I don’t want to get those gross yellow stains in the pits). Anyone know of a super strong deodorant that can stand up to a vigorous workout? I’ve tried a few, like the Mitchum gel (made me think of Robert, but it wasn’t as tough), Arm & Hammer, etc. They are OK for a regular day, but not quite good enough to withstand a work out.

Any suggestions welcomed. Yes, I will even try men’s deodorant, as long as it’s unscented. Thanks.

Damn. I was going to say the Mitchum Roll-On.
It smells of talc and works very well for me, even in the gym.
but if you’ve tried it without success…

I have tried the gel stuff, not the roll-on. Is it different, do you think?


Without a doubt…
Old Spice High Endurance - Red Zone…
I use the Pure Sport scent…

If you still smell after that… you are one smelly bastard…

Seriously… the stuff works very well…

I work out about 2 hours a day… and my whole body is sweating… but my armpits don’t…
that is probably bad for you… but hey… I always smell good…

If you’re not able to shower between activities, carry a pack of baby wipes with you along with your deordorant. Many companies have also put out pre-moistened (soaped?) wash clothes for adults, but the baby wipes probably work just as well. This way you can clean your pits and reapply your deordorant between activities.

In general, I find roll-ons and gels seem to work better than sprays, but that may be psychological on my part.

I’m a sedentary person, but I find I have to change deordorants every few months because the current one seems to stop working. Some brands don’t seem to work at all.

Lastly, make sure you get an anti-perspirant/deordorant.

I concur. I use original scent.

I like the baby wipes idea, and I think that’ll help b/c there is no possible way I can go home, shower, change, and get to the gym in time for class.

I also plan to try this Old Spice Super Ultra Mego Pore Closing Red Alert stuff but… will it make me smell like a guy? I mean, obviously BO is worse, but only marginally.

Arrid XX Dry works really well, and has at least three “gender netural” scents: Cool Shower, Morning Clean and Ultra Fresh. They kept me fairly dry and stink-free while moving furniture all day every day…during the summer.

As a side note, you probably already know this, but you sweat less(or are less “moist” perhaps) and have less smelly sweat if you shave under your arms religiously. Missing a few days makes for an icky difference!

Secret Platinum Protection - not the gel clear kind - that’s worthless. the solid, white stuff.
yes, it will get on your clothes if you’re not careful, but you don’t sweat.

elfkin: Why does shaving make a difference? It’s funny you should say that; I shaved the pits this morning and I didn’t stink as much today…though I also reapplied the deordorant before going to the gym, which also helped.

I think the hair just traps the BO in.

The yellow stains are actually from the aluminum salts they put in most deodorants. I switched to a natural deodorant for a while, and it put an end to the yellow pits in my white t-shirts. However, it’s not as effective of an antiperspirant. You might try the natural crystal type, though they’re sort of spendy. I currently use the Dove deodorant, because it comes in unscented, and it works pretty well, but does leave the yellow stains.

I currently use Right Guard (or Speed Stick, whichever’s on sale) gel, but trust me when I tell you:

Degree solid is the best. You could run a marathon and still smell great. And the smell, if I recall, is pretty gender-neutral.

My oldest son had a gland disorder, and the only thing that actually STOPPED underarm body odor for him was Degree, the speed stick.

It not only worked, but worked great, and worked all the time. It may cost a bit more, but you don’t use it near as much. It works.

This explains better than I can

Besides Babywipes, you could use those Lever2000 Wipes. They’re basically the same thing, except they smell less like babies…worked great when I went camping during the summer in Utah without a shower!

OOOOOWWWWWW…Shaving armpits…and then applying DEODERANT?

And I thought shaving my face was bad…

I’ve been using Gillette Series Clear Gel…Wild Rain flavor…for quite some time now. I can apply it in the morning, work all day, go to the courts for two hours of full court basketball, then stop at the pub for a quick brew and not have to worry about smelling up the place. I figure that if I can still smell the deoderant if I lift my arm, it must still be working.

Nobody ever tells me I stink…and trust me…my friends would say somthing if I stunk.

I’m not really a smelly person, though. I have some foot odor problems (which nothing seems to cure), but the pits don’t ever stink unless I miss a couple of showers. Yes…I’m one of those people who can’t stand my own smell.

I read somewhere that solid sticks should be used by people with worse-than average odor problems. As my son got older his clear gels weren’t working as good, so he switched to a solid stick and has been very pleased. He plays indoor and outdoor soccer and runs track with no problems. But, he’s also fair skinned and blond so he has an edge there!

If I were you I would try one of the less masculine scented sticks designed for men and see how that works. If you’re like me (TMI ALERT!) your problem is worse during your cycle, so maybe you need a stronger stick during those times?

I don’t know about men’s deodorant, but women’s has an antiinflammatory agent in it. [TMI]I find that it does a good job on preventing razor burn when I shave my bikini line[/TMI]

Hmm, I seem to know a bit too much about this stuff…

It won’t address your sweating problem, but I use a deodorant stone (actually an enormous chunk of rock salt) and find it VERY effective. I still sweat, but the sweat has no odor. It also tends to last forever, I think I’ve had my current one for over a year. You only buy a new one when you drop yours and it shatters:) I normally apply the stone liberally after I shower, drying myself first so my armpits are merely damp. Even after a hard day of LAN partying in a sweltering room, I don’t stink.

As a guy, should I be offended that my natural scent is only marginally better than BO? :o