I just took a great blackmail picture....

Caileigh and Callahan, sittin’ in a tree…

This’ll be great when they’re 12 and 13. :cool:

Got any good ones?

I am in possesion of a picture of my brother that I have kept as blackmail for the past 22 years. In 2nd grade, he was Raggedy Andy in a music program. The photo is of him in full costume and make-up, dancing. I have cherished that picture.

I also have this picture. Pay close attention to my youngest’s hands. Who do I blackmail with this? Why, my middle son (seated next to the youngest). For some reason he is the one humiliated by this photo. :confused:

Disclaimer: My youngest had no idea what he was doing, and it was completely unintentional. It completely summed up all three children’s feelings on being part of a Little Rock to Phoenix Road trip.