I just wanna thank........

…everybody when they help me with an answer or a problem. See, my Mama raised me right with please and thank you, but I was told over on GQ that I should avoid doing that 'cause it eats up bandwith or something. I thought about including a thank you in the original post, but I do that anyway as part of my sign-off, so what’s the answer? I’m appreciative and wanna show it, but I can’t 'cause it causes probs with the sytem. Just don’t want y’all to think that because I live in the south that I ain’t got no manners!


Southerners without manners? Never heard of it. Didn’t they invent hospitality? That’s what my ex used to tell me, and my inlaws proved many times.
[P.S. I got your picture and am working on it. If there’s a larger version of it somewhere let me know.]

You thanked us with your smile. :slight_smile:

No, really, just post a “thank you” in the thread if you feel compelled to by the ghosts of your ancestors. Otherwise, we’re cool with it. :cool:

Hey, Quasi, don’t mind that remark in that other thread. That’s just one person’s opinion. Ok, there is something of a point that it’s not totally necessary, but I suspect a lot of people, myself included, appreciate it. However, I would probably only do it shortly after the question has been answered - that way it won’t bump anything off the first page of GQ or unnecessarily prolong the life of the thread. And if you acknowledge that the OP has been answered to your satisfaction, that can forestall additional replies and help the thread clear off the front pages faster.

Good advice, Colibi and Duck, and if I may, I’d like to say thank you to you and t-shirts for your answers! :smiley:


Quasi I want to apologize to you for my remark in GQ. At least, I’m sorry for the tone. Being born and raised in Virgina myself, I would naturally want to say thanks in each and every thread to each and every poster who helped. Damn! Now you made me post this. Troublemaker. :smiley:

::scoots back to GQ and reminds self to keep opinions to self:::

No apology necessary, samclem. I realize this is a very busy board, and so much more structured than others I have participated in. It’s just a very pleasant experience posting here and I appreciate being a part of it. My questions have been answered and my mind is at ease. THANKS! :smiley: