I just want a doughnut......

By and large, I like my neighborhood. I live in Williamsburg now since moving to brooklyn. It’s pretty nice and all, although I am not a huge fan of the whole hipster movement. But here’s the HUGE problem…
NO DOUGHNUTS! I did find one bakery on Bedford that had some donuts, but it obviously wasn’t their specialty and they didn’t have glazed either.

I have searched google as well and can’t seem to find anything within walking distance. Not even on Marcy Ave…

The neighborhood is a mix between Spanish (large percentage) and hipsters. Now, the Spanish people seem to have their own stuff going on, and I love their breakfast sandwiches, but damn…Can’t a man get a doughnut? Maybe it’s just the white man’s burden…
Oh and the hipster-oriented stores aren’t any good either. I have always HATED coffee shop food. It makes me sad for some reason. Those muffins? Dry, hard and cold. Plus I don’t want that in the morning. I want fried dough!

I survived in Denmark long enough, and was hoping that with my homecoming that I’d manage to get to a situation in my life where I’d have everyday access to doughnuts.

So yes…woe is me…

http://www.recipegoldmine.com/breakdonut/breakdonut.html - good luck! :slight_smile:

I tried to find frozen doughnut suppliers, but the page wouldn’t load.

How about Entenmanns? Their doughnuts aren’t bad, and if you microwave one for about 7 seconds it’ll seem fresh baked.

D.C. has the same problem. Plenty of Starbucks, Au Bon Pains, and Corner Bakeries if you want $2 or more on a gigantic muffin or scone, but unless you’re by the one Krispy Kreme in the city the only place and time you’ll find a donut is at the sandwich/hot food bar in the morning, and those are delivered from who knows where.

Baltimore is a weak-ass doughnut town.

I grew up in a small town in Maine and if that doughnut shop opened in Baltimore, it would be non-stop mobbed all day long. Maybe it’s a southern thing.

What geographic regions are known for great doughnuts?

Is there anything a doughnut can’t do?


No. McDonald’s in Gardiner.

They used to have a chocolate sugared doughnut. The outside was a crust that would almost crunch. The insides would literally melt in your mouth. When people get excited over krispy kremes, I can just shake my head. I can’t believe they’ve had real doughnuts.

Gardiner is home to Isamax whoopie pies, too.

…do you guys not have super markets?

I have never seen a super market without a bakery section and without a large selection of fresh doughnuts.

I don’t know but I’ve never had a hard time getting good doughnuts in the South. It’s usually the local bakery that makes them. They are usually quite awesome too. My hometown of 2000 had the best doughnuts ever in the bakery there.

I don’t know. I guess you have to have a blue-collar crowd there to get good doughnuts. However, when I last lived in NYC, I lived on the upper east side. At 86th and Lexington there is a dunkin doughnuts, which is usually crowded in the mornings, but on the opposite side (going uptown on the subway) there is a private doughnut shop that had AMAZING doughnuts. I would cross the street and come back specifically for those doughnuts…

But here I don’t blame the Spanish portion of the population, because their doughnut substitutes seem to be awesome savory breakfast sandwiches. Those are great. But the hipster crowd’s garbage pisses me off. All of this coffee and not a single goddamned doughnut to be found?

I find Starbucks food to be really depressing. I get a gag-like reflex from eating a cold, massive muffin. They never seem to taste fresh at all. And what’s the deal with those biscotti things? I don’t want to eat an effin gigantic cookie for breakfast. Biscotti is cookie, don’t fool yourself.

Bagels on the other hand are fine if I’m in the mood, but lately it’s been all doughnuts all the time. I couldn’t get them in Europe so I’m feeling the need to compensate. I could get bagels in Denmark. The doughnut is the less glamourous of the breakfast foods, true, but that doesn’t mean it should face such discrimination.

On a recent episode of Feasting on Asphalt, Alton Brown visited a number of donut shops in St. Louis and commented on how much they meant to the culture there.

Well, I don’t know about great, but LA has more doughnut shops per capita than any place I’ve ever seen…

While it seemed like you couldn’t shake a stick without knocking over doughnuts back in the southwest, after I moved up here to a rural area in Wisconsin I’ve had one hell of a time finding doughnuts. They have ones that have been frozen and then thawed for serving at a few gas stations around here and otherwise that’s pretty much it. Ew.

I ended up making them in the deep fryer myself and glazing them. It wasn’t that difficult and eating them when they’re so fresh they’re burning your fingers is pretty fun.

In comparison to here, Vegas was the land of never-ending doughnut goodness.

Grocery store doughnuts suck.

Not necessarily compared to Dunkin Donuts, or Krispy Kreme, but compared to real doughnuts.

Not in downtown DC.