I just gorged myself on Krispy Kremes

We don’t have them here (yet) but my coworkers stopped at a Krispy Kreme on their way back from Cedar Point (amusement park) last night. They brought them in today and I’ve had three already. I warmed the last one in the microwave for 8 seconds.

GOD DAMN that’s a good doughnut!!!

I hadn’t had one in years when I heard they were expanding and had a franchise in Omaha. I actually changed my travel plans to fly into Omaha instead of Lincoln on a trip home so we could have some. Now they are getting closer to us…

patting rotund distended belly, plotting how to sneak back into the snack room without officemates snickering

People out here went nuts when KK opened stores in California. I guess it’s an eastern thing? Southern? Personally, I prefer Winchell’s. Chocolate devil’s food with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles. Now if only they’d add coffee to them!

Or plain doughnuts. They’re good with coffee. KK doughnuts are just too greasy for me.

I do not eat doughnuts. I do not really like
doughnuts. The first time we had Krispy Kremes
in the office, I ate three in 15 minutes. Would
have eaten more, but the six of us had eaten
the two dozen a nice lady brought us.

Krispy Kremes have the same relationship to a
doughnut that a Rolls Royce has to a skateboard.

When I hoof it up to NYC there’s a KK in Penn Station, so I always get one when I get off the train. YUM! They sell them in the supermarkets in Rehoboth Beach, DE, so i get some when I head down to our shore house there. YUM! Now there’s a KK right over the PA/DE border from me. YUM! I just wish they’d open one up even closer to me. YUM!

{ahem} Sorry. :wink:


I have to pass TWO of them just to get to work, and one of them is across the street from the office.

About twice a week I stop at one of them, get two KKs and a large cup of coffee, and sit back and read the morning paper before going to work.
The best doughnuts in the world ceased to exist a few years back. There was a little shop called the “Spudnut Shop”. They used potato flour as their base and made the absolutely most delicious and lightest doughnuts in the world.

Alas, KK isn’t bad, but the don’t come close to the Spudnuts!

I grew up on Krispy Kreme doughnuts and had no idea they wern’t everywhere until just recently. The best is to wait until you are very drunk then go into the 24 hour KK and just sit there and wait until they bring a new batch from the oven and eat about 2 dozen of them. YUM!!!

Krispy Kremes. Worse than Crack :smiley:

I swear, they are nearly lethal when cooked right. Some shops don’t quite have the mix correct, but when they do, you can inhale a dozen and not think about it. I had to give them up when I could look at them and feel the sugar levels in my blood climb. But I can still hear them call…

The best doughnuts in the world ceased to exist a few years back. There was a little shop called the “Spudnut Shop”. They used potato flour as their base and made the absolutely most delicious and lightest doughnuts in the world.


Really? I could swear there’s one on the northeast corner of Venice Blvd. and Sawtelle in L.A. I’ll have to look.

I am a rare creature. I do not really like donuts. But, I have discovered an exception to the rule–the KK Traditional Cake. Heaven in a paper bag.

I go to the one in Penn Station, too.

I agree the KK are divine, but I’m still a loyal Dunkin Donuts girl. Rather different, actually. They satisfy entirely different craving types. Hmm. Hadn’t thought about it that way . . .

There used to be a Spudnut Shop in my home town in Michigan ages ago. I wonder if those folks moved down to Florida, like half the Michigan population seems to do eventually.

Had one myself this a.m.

Hey cranky, here’s a suggestion. If you go into the breakroom and there is no one else there at the moment, quickly cram one entire KK into your mouth. Just fold and keep cramming until it is in there. Then it kind of melts so you can inconspicuously chew and swallow it should anyone come in. With your mouth full, go through the motions as though you are choosing your first one. Then walk briskly out of the breakroom with your donut, checking to see who, if anyone, is watching. Repeat as often as possible.

Double your pleasure, double your bellyache!

I love KKs-they are best eaten when right out of the oven!
What’s the story on the company?. a few months back they went public, and now the stock is tanking! I HOPE they open franchise in Boston!

I haven’t had one, but I have trouble that a KK donut can be all that special. It is just a donut.

As for the stock, I wondered why it went through the roof in the first place. This company has only one product. That product is a food product. Individual food products tend to be very faddish.

Donuts --> Croissants --> Bagels --> Smoothies --> Donuts

It is just a series of one fad after another. It may be a good short term investment (they are on the upswing of their expansion curve) but find it hard to believe that it will perform well enough to be in a long term (say 20 years) fortfolio.

But what do I know? I also told Baglady not to buy Sybase when it was at $5.

their Crullers are about as bad as the plain donuts. :slight_smile:

Of course, there is nothing better than a fresh, warm malasada.

Just not those creme filled abominations they were selling at Ala Moana when I moved from Hawaii.

There is a KK here in Nowheresville. Mmmmmm. I thought they were going to have a parade when they announced its arrival.

*this is exactly the nickname I was going to suggest for ChrisP. Something told me he’d take offense…maybe not?

I have never been to a Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, or Spudnuts.

Up here, Tim Hortons is like a religion.

2nd Law,

Couldn’t have worked that way – this little shop was around long before I was around to have a memory of them. They changed their “formula” about 15 years ago, apparently because it was cheaper to get wheat flour, then folded.

The original formula made such a unique doughnut that no matter HOW good the replacement was noone would have been satisfied. In truth, their new doughnut wasn’t nearly as good as the Mister Doughnut down the street. (Loved those Bavarian Creme filled with powdered sugar coating!) KK and Dunkin Doughnuts have also invaded the neighborhood.

Times they keep a changin’

Not always for the better. sigh…

Okay, I understand the donut fascination, because I am a donut junkie, but what is the difference between a KK donut and a Dunkin’ Donut’s?

If it weren’t for the DD chocolate donut I would be a size 6.

Can I request KK to franchise in Boise? Far to many healthy people walking around, need more donuts. (insert Homer drooling here)