I just want to cancel, damnit!

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Damien B.: Hello Oy Vey, welcome to J2 Global’s online support. I am Damien, your online, live Support Representative. May I please have the Fax number and Pin associated with your account?

Oy Vey: Efax Number: xxxxxxx PIN: xxxx

Damien B.: Please wait while I check the same in our records.

Damien B.: Thank you for waiting. I have located your eFax Plus account in our records, how may I assist you today?

Oy Vey: I’d like to cancel my account as I no longer need it

Damien B.: I am very sorry to hear that, may I please know if you still receive and send faxes occasionally?

Oy Vey: My employer is providing that service now, thanks

Damien B.: We do understand that currently you do not make use of this service too often. In the current scenario, as a special consideration, we would like to offer you one-month credit on the monthly rental. This way you will be able to keep your local fax number, which will enable you to send and receive faxes. Hence, you will be able to use our service to its fullest capabilities and re-evaluate it for your faxing needs. During this credit period, you will not be charged any monthly fees.

Damien B.: As you already have the Gift Balance of $4.70 using which you can send 47 pages of fax and above that you have one month free so you will not be charged monthly fees of $9.95 with which you can continue with the same eFax account till 07/15/2003.

Oy Vey: I understand you’re working off a script, but I am not interested. Please cancel the account

Damien B.: You can use the same eFax account for 40 more days which are completely free.

Damien B.: Please do think about this offer as you have nothing to loose as you always have the option to close your account as per your convenience for which we are available 24 hours a day round the clock.

Oy Vey: Please cancel the account and confirm.

Damien B.: As you have already paid the monthly fees of the current billing cycle month which is non refundable so with this one month free offer you can continue for 2 months at one month cost.

Oy Vey: Thank you, but what I’d really like is for you to cancel the account now and confirm that you have done so.

Damien B.: Fine Oy Vey, I have closed your eFax account and confirmation of the same will be emailed to you.

Damien B.: We are sorry that you have decided to leave eFax, but if your faxing needs do change in the future, we would be more than happy to have you back. Thank you for being with us and for using our service.

Damien B.: Goodbye and have a great day.

Oy Vey: Thank you

Hey, you got what you wanted eventually, right? That’s more than some people get for other services, I’m sure.

AOL does the same thing when you call to cancel.

I even told them I didn’t have computer anymore, and he still kept offering free service for 3 months.

Why do these guys think by reading a damn script, they can change your mind.


Grr, when I called to cancel something the other day, I finally had to say “Look, I’m on a cell phone and this is eating minutes” when he started in on the third reason I should keep their wonderful, wonderful service. That got the account shut down and me off the phone pretty quickly.

AOL is hellish when you cancel. But I loved my old ISP. I called them to cancel after I got DSL. “I’d like to cancel my account.” “Okay!” (silence) “That’s it?” “Yep. Have a nice day!”

I loathe this shit with a passion. I tried to cancel an account for something a month or so ago and I finally ended up screaming at the script-reading “service” rep “I want a supervisor NOW! I want a supervisor NOW! I want a supervisor NOW!” before she would stop reading the damn script and cancel the account.

God, AOL cancellation is the worst. I spent forty-five minutes waiting on the phone and getting a woman who pushed some “economy” plan at me instead of just cancelling the account.

I had not USED the account in a while, so prior to my call I got on with the account in question to find out how to cancel. After ten minutes of digging around I finally find that I have to call a live human. Before pushing the economy account at me, she pointed out that the account had just been used TODAY. “I was looking to find out HOW TO CANCEL,” I told her. “Nobody is using it.”

Eventually we got it all straightened out. Not until they had continued billing the card for two more months, though…

Only two months?

In a similar thread a while back, someone said there’s another way to cancel one’s AOL account, no human contact needed- but I don’t remember what it was. But it can be done!