I just want to Find the Phone!

This should be easy! I had thought - THOUGHT! - that the who find friends app space was totally explored and full of products.

But apparently not.

I’ve been trying the best part of an hour to find an app which will run on my daughters phone (iOS 7 … Important Information!) and share the phones location with me, on another iPhone. Ideally with her dad on android too, but not essential. And I can’t find anything! It all needs iOS 8, or doesn’t work at all.

Surely there must be something out there that fits the specs. Anything?

So far tried find my family/friends (iOS 8), family locator by life360 ( same), glympse (only does snapshots), various pieces of crapeware not worthy of being advertised …

Anyone had this problem and solved it?

Family Tracker:

requires iOS 7.0

Do you use it yourself? I’m willing to pay money if quite sure it works, but some of the programs out there say on their websites they’re 7-friendly but are sadly lying…

Nope, never used it. Incidentally why can’t you just use “find my iphone” ? Register both phones under your itunes account. Activate find my iphone on your daughters iphone. You can log into icloud at any time and access find my iphone for all devices registered under your itunes account. Free and its been built in since iOS 5.

I have four devices registered to my itunes account, laptops, iphone, ipad, it shows me the location of all of them. And yes the find iPhone app on iOS will find other devices you’ve registered, I just tested this.


She’s logged into her dad’s iCloud - that’s how he tracks her. So I’d also have to log in to his account from my phone, which I don’t want to do.

Ah ok they have family sharing but it requires iOS 8.

I’m guessing you either get a phone that can use iOS 8 or deal with with the fact that only one of you can track her.