I just want to say this: JANX WAS NOT KICKED OFF THE BOARDS!

it was a computer boo-boo, at the time I did not know this so I went over to the
IRC channel whining to anyone if they could imagine what I had done
this time.

Some said “Gosh Wally, search me”, others said It’s because your a sock
Janx, others were -silent-. Bummer, shunned on the boards AND in
the chat group, life will never be the same with out SDMB
(Ok, so I don’t get out much) - then came the following
note from the Tubaness herself.

So raspberries to all you doubting thomases.

I feel so much better now!:cool:

Who are you again? :wink:

Welcome back!


Seriously though, who the heck are you?

Janx, baby, how I’ve missed you! I wept when you left and my heart is joyous at your return. Please, delight us with another of your pithy commentaries. We wait anxiously for your next word.

That I have been a fan of the big “C” since 1984, IS.
I lurk the boards 2-3 times a day, though I’m not out
to impress with my post count, If I have nothing to
add to a thread, or if I don’t know the topic I (try)
to leave it alone - but hay that is why this board
is called MPSIMS, this thread was pointless but I
just had to share! - BTW, nice to meet you alls.:smiley:

I know who ** Janx ** is! Do I get a prize?

From velvetjones


“Sniff Sniff”, <wipes a tear>
That is the first complement I have ever
gotten here…do you want to be my friend,
I don’t have any more friends, but YOU could be
my friend.:eek:

Welcome back Janx, whomever you are.

:returns the Sacred Chalice of Tears Wept in Solitude back to its place on the mantle:

I am so glad you returned; that thing was getting heavy. :smiley:

Are you sure it was a compliment? Maybe he lisps.

from: mamahen

just to know me is your prize.

You mean you can write with a lisp too!?!

Thank God! I had printed out your other 95 posts, placed them in a hermetically sealed box, which I then buried in my backyard in hopes that I would dig them up in 20 years in order to teach a new generation how to live, how to love, and most importantly, how to sing, dance and be free. A new society would form, with all power for the executive, legislative, and judicial branches derived from said posts. Religion would be unecessary as the people already would have moral guidance and spiritual nourishment.

That’s the spirit, Janx! :smiley:

Ah yes. The oft fabled Janxtopia.

Well, I just got off the phone with my good buddy
Fernando Enreque Cardoza (President of Brazil),
and in keeping with the whole ** Janx spirit** central
idea of teaching…

he agrees that tomorrow ought to be proclaimed
a national holiday, in honor of my exalted return,
during which it will be a felony to charge for beer.

Said he would get back to me on that real soon and
something about stamping out revolutions before they start.

Do you hear sirens?

Now you’re catching on- That’s the ol’ Janx spirit!

I always got you confused with Jinx, but now that I’ve done a search to compare, I’ll make a point to read your threads from now on.

Now that’s just ridiculous.

Jinx is the cat who used to chase after Pixie and Dixie, shouting, “I hate those meeces, to pieces!!!” while Janx is the spirit in a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, the best drink in the galaxy.

Not the least bit alike. :cool:

Well, this is turning out to be quite the little monster thread,
but that’s not to hard to understand when the topic is so universally
appealing, and desperately interesting. People who didn’t
even know me are stepping up to the digital interface, this is neat,
I should imagine I got kicked off the board more often!

From MoJo:

For a while there I was beginning to think no one could grasp
the significance of my screen name - Ahh redemption!

From dqa:

I have herd this before, what can I say, change one little vowel
and the difference is rather profound, as stated by RTFirefly

The effect of a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
is like having your brains smashed out
by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick.
Strange, but a lot of people I know have said EXACTLY
the same thing about me. Expensive and bad for the head,
is another complement that comes to mind.

I guess if people confused you with Jinx… that’d be a case of Janxtoposition, no? :smiley:

BTW… hello, everyone… :slight_smile:

That was really BAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaD!:smiley:

I truly think I’m gonna puke now!