I just washed a spider.

Ack! Big dead spider in the washing machine. Plastered to the side of the drum, hopefully good and dead. (And very clean.)

'Tis September, and the spiders are suddenly… present. Large, brown spiders. Hanging around. Casting webs in places they shouldn’t be. Torturing me with the sensation of web-on-my-face. Scuttling on their evil eight legs. Stalking the bathroom.

The wolf spiders are the worst.

But in the damned laundry?


I almost walked into the web of this little guy as I walked up to the front door the other day. Damn things freak me out too! But I decided to let him live, I figure he’ll die soon anyway.

Yeah, as soon as he happens across my path. shudder

The spider population has exploded around here in the past few months. I correlate it to the unusual aphid invasion this spring and subsequent invasion of japanese beetles. I think there’s been a lot of extra spider food this year.

Cool pic!

Late summer and fall is the time that quite a lot of our little arachnid buddies come out to play. If you walk around in the woods a lot, you know what I mean. Seems the little buggers have a keen instinct of just exactly how my face is off the ground.

…and into the house they come too, with autumn’s arrival. We’ve got a big bag of chestnuts to place strategically about the house. (Hey, can’t hurt.)

The bad news is I just did my husband’s grandmother’s laundry.

I forgot about the spider. I hope it’s ensconced in the dryer lint now.

Oh, dear. My husband was the one who retrieved the laundry for his grandmother.

He found the spider. In the lint, yep.

But he chased me around the house when my giggles gave away the fact that I’d known (hoped) about the spider’s ultimate lint trap destination.

It’s been thoroughly washed, dried, and disposed of now.


Chestnuts? Are they like bug dope for spiders?

What, you didn’t fold it before disposing of it? Sloppy, sloppy.

Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod no spiders please no spiders…

  1. There’s a shortcut to the local store through the woodland by my home that I’ve nicknamed Spider Alley because the little devils, over the course of our warm dry summer, built webs EVERY THREE FEET and I could NOT walk that way without spending fifteen minutes every fifteen steps frantically slapping and wiping every square inch of my body. Thank GOD the weather is cooling off and the little bastards have to come…

  2. …inside my house. Oh terng shpxvat wbl. Last night as I was doing someting Terribly Important I heard a shriek from the SR; She’d been on the lanai getting a few herbs for dinner. Went to the bathroom. And discovered a huge shpxvat spider dangling from the hinge of her glasses. Lord knows what the downstairs neighbors think, considering the stomping she subjected the poor thing too.

Personally, I’m deathly utterly completely HORRIFIED of the little 8-legged beasties… But I don’t begrudge them for what they do. I don’t go where I know they’ll be (Spider Alley in the summer, the lanai, etc). They can do whatever the heck they want. OVER THERE. I’ll stay over here, thanks.

You guys a big old meannie spider haters.

There is one almost universal truth (IMHO) spider haters hate creepy crawlies of all types. This is why you should LOVE spiders. More spiders=less flies and other undesirables.

Leave the spiders alone and they will chomp their way through all the other creepy crawlies.

Spiders are fascinating wee creatures. If you are afraid of them don’t look but don’t squish them.

Poor wee spiders.

I try to reason with the spiders but they pretty much just give me the finger. They can live on my back porch, just not on my rocking chair or in the hot tub. So, where do they hang out? You got it! There is also an understanding, well, mostly on my part, that if the spiders come inside their untimely death will ensue. I’m not nice about it like Savannah is. I don’t wash, dry, fluff and fold first. :smiley:

I’ve found it’s best to hang them. They get wrinkled when you fold them and they’re a bitch to iron.


Am I the only one that , upon seeing the thread title, visualized Savannah with a teeny little wash tub , a teeny little wash cloth , and a teeny little bar of SpiderSoap, lifting each teeny little spider leg upto scrub the teeny little armpits?
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

A few years ago, my car was infested with spiders.

No, you’re not the only one. That’s more or less what I was thinking. :slight_smile:

Eight armpits! I’m glad I’m not a spider.

Must remember: the spiders eat the other bugs. The spiders eat the other bugs. The spiders eat…

Yes, they are an integral part of Nature’s Design.

But when they come inside the house… Eek!

Had to bite my tongue to keep from larfing out loud after this one! :smiley:

When you start to walk in the woods, reach down and pick up a thin whippy sort of stick, even a cattail will do. As you walk, when you spot a web waft it through the ari, breaking the web from in front of you. If the whimsey strikes you, play ‘three musketeers’ and swishy-poke your way through the path ‘shadow fencing’ with lots of fencing associated dialog from cheesy pirate swashbuckling movies. May I recommend the Sea Hawk or Captain Blood for dialog ideas?