I just watched a movie trilogy but the plot confused me

Sunday morning I was watching a movie trilogy on TV where they played all three movies back to back. During the second movie I had to turn it off. When I came back later in the day, I picked it up during the second movie and watched it all the way through the third one.

When I stopped watching, old Biff was just just about to steal the time machine. When I resumed Frodo and Sam had just caught Gollum.

This brings up a number of questions.

Why didn’t Doc Brown go back in time and take the Ring from Smeagol?

Where were Boromir and Faramir during the Enchantment Under the Sea dance?

Was Jennifer still asleep during the battle of Helm’s Deep?

I think they were all too busy with the dinosaurs.

You really messed up by not watching part II. That’s where he turns into a good robot.

Did Legolas shoot first?

I prefer part I where Frodo and Sam ask Gollum “Laundry day. Nothing clean, right?”

They were on Tatooine, at Jabba’s.

I like the part where Agent Smith says to Frodo, “Welcome to Rivendell … Mister Underhill.”

If you missed General Zod escaping to Amity Island, then you’ll be really confused.

But that would make the stormtoopers all clones of Eli Wallach. Maybe that’s why they wear those helmets…they’re all too ugly.

I turned it on where Biff was in the bath, then the other guy had gotten rid of his poncho and was saying “Go ahead, make my day”. Then Biff was shooting and Marty was running, then Marty was changing clothes in the elevator of some office building when the door opened and his secretary saw him. Then the door closed and the elevator was really a phone booth flying though space with Socrates and Ghengis Khan. Then this guy was yelling for “KHANNNNNNN” and then Doc Brown was saying “Perfect. Then that’s the way it shall be” but that must have been before his facelift in the future because he was all swarthy and had long hair. Then I noticed my remote control smoking…

…and you found yourself in a 'Fifties family sitcom with William H. Macy and Joan Allen as your parents?


I would’ve skipped the 3rd one, it* insists* upon itself.

It was pretty annoying when they replaced Mark Hamill with Keanu Reeves. Like we wouldn’t notice.

We all surely can agree that the scene where Freddy Krueger eviscerated Jar-Jar Binks was a true Crowning Moment of Awesomeness.

Had you gotten to the part where Ahnahld (in the second movie he is a good terminator, so don’t let that confuse you) wakes up next to a horse’s head and says, “yippee kai yay”? Because I hear that is a pretty crucial scene.

Just before they discovered the statue of liberty’s head on that beach, right? I can never decide if I like that part, or the bit about “man goes into the cage, cage goes into the water” with the ninjas better.