I just watched all of Jeopardy.

In the last four years I’ve tried to watch it two or three times, but I couldn’t.

When my brother was down here living with us, he and I used to play along with the show every night, calling out the answers. I was right maybe half the time. He was right about three-fourths of the time.

How does somebody who’s become completely physically disabled and has dementia to the point that he couldn’t even remember how to use the TV remote still retain and be able to voice all that knowledge? I don’t know, but we really got a kick out of it.

I didn’t get the Double Jeopardy question, but tonight I enjoyed the show again.

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I suspect it’s more of a GD or GQ question, though, since it seems to be about how the human brain can retain trivial knowledge while losing significant function. Jeopardy! is just the springboard.

It probably doesn’t belong anywhere. ??? I don’t know. But my brain seems to have worked thru what was bothering me, and I was wondering how his brain could still retain and make retrievable information like that. Makes me think that patients who seem to be out of it, really aren’t.