VHI Pop Culture quiz show--FINALLY I feel smart!

I’ve been following this because I can finally consistently shout out the answers; finally my store of useless celebrity info, movie and TV info and 80s song lyrics can be put to good use.* I am surprised when tiebreakers like

name one of the 12 Tom Hanks movies that grossed over $100M


one of the 12 Meryl Streep Oscar noms

end in the contestants only come up with three or four between them. Maybe it’s harder to think on your feet when the question is open-ended and not pointing to a specific piece of trivia??
*In addition to the time when Justine Bateman was going to be on AD and my father called me to find out what show she had been on before and then who was the housemother on The Facts of Life. I made him so proud.

I’m good until they get to categories like old school rap and even then the questions are easy enough until like number five that I can usually get them. Have you gotten Every Other Question Syndrome yet? Where if you got, say, the odd numbered questions you’d win but the even numberd ones would kick your ass?

A couple of friends of mine and I fielded a team and applied to this show… and we were invited down to NYC to audition for it. One of my mates is super-organized and had us answering questions on a daily basis on pop culture (which tended to be music-based) and we were collectively kicking ass. Felt pretty confident, too.

…until we got the test. Now, I’ve made it past the tests for **Win Ben Stein’s Money, Jeopardy!, **and Who Wants to be a Millionaire, but this test kicked my ass. As far as knowledge, I don’t watch pretty much any of the top shows on the networks (CSI, Lost, etc) and some of the standbys like Sex and the City. So I got a ton of those wrong. There were a bunch of “Name four people who…” and “What were the best picture nominees in 2004” type questions - I suck at award trivia. Music-wise, I did pretty well, I thought. I also didn’t live in the U.S. in the early 80s so pretty much anything about cartoons or shows from then I blanked on.

It was also a fill-in-the-blank test, so no such luck in figuring out stuff via multiple choice. When we turned in the tests we instinctively picked up our gear to leave. We were dusted! I’ve yet to see the show (must set TiVo to record it) but a friend told me, “I know why you guys didn’t get on. You’re actually of average to above average intelligence, unlike the contestants they have on.”

I would attribute it to nerves, because that test was fuckin’ hard. It is the only game show test I’ve ever failed!

Someone I know is on the Cheetarah team that won their match on Tuesday night. She’s the one that went out trying to think of a Nicolas Cage movie. The next time I see her, I want to just shake her and yell “ADAPTATION!!!” They moved on regardless, though, so maybe I should go easy on her.

No offense, but please tell me she was the woman who went out first and kept shrilly screaming from the audience. I want to keep watching the show so I am hoping they tell her to tone it down!!

Seriously, if I had the ability to step into the television and bitchslap that woman, I totally would have.

That’s actually the only episode I’ve seen, and I was on the phone to a couple of my friends within minutes, saying “Why are we not doing this? It’s like the easiest money ever!!!” I’m always amazed at the things that I know, even though there’s no good reason for it. I’ve never seen the Jeff Foxworthy show, why do I know who played his kids? Why the hell do I remember Zoltar when I saw Big once, fifteen years ago? And why is my brain wasting space on these sorts of things when right this minute I can’t remember one of my oldest and biggest client’s account ID?

Yeah… that’s her. I thought she was funny, but that’s because I know her… I could see how it would be annoying to everyone else though.

It’s like you’re inside my useless-trivia-addled brain.

Because they actually had careers after that show? (They were Haley Joel Osment and Jonathan Lipnicki, if anyone’s wondering.)

I saw about five minutes of an episode last night. I couldn’t believe that someone couldn’t remember that Kid 'n Play were the stars of the “House Party” trilogy.

I believe my roommate’s quote was “Somebody needs to get her a muzzle.”

Augh this show is pissing me off. Out of the first three episodes aired I think I didn’t know three answers, mostly because two of them had to do with the Rocky movies. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this until about a month ago. Between my lack of a life and growing up in an A.D.D. generation and my friend Jessica’s photographic memory we would have aced this show. Hell, I even got the old school rap category completely right and if you had asked me on a scale of 1 to 10 how much I know about old school rap I would have said 1.

Did anyone catch in the last 10 minutes of the first show the commercial that aired advertising the next episode that revealed who won the episode currently playing? :rolleyes:

Which ever person said Jan had Kitty Carryall instead of Cindy, I wanted to betch-slap them. Who doesn’t know basic Brady trivia?

I didn’t know that one - I barely know who Kid’n’Play are…

I like this show a lot. I’ve got it DVR’d now…

And apparently there are people out there who can’t rattle off all the primary cast members either.

Yeah, I knew Christopher Knight because of the current Celebreality™ bit but I wasn’t sure about the others. Probably because I’ve only seen the show a handful of times.

Me neither, since I own the first movie! It was truly a classic of its time, fun caper of a movie with bumpin but accessible music, romance, and Robin Harris.

I seem to recall that the question was Nicholas Cage movies that grossed such-and-such amount of money, not counting Adaptation.

HOLY CRAP! I can’t believe no one could answer the Frank Barone question.

You know what? I’ve never seen a whole episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. I consider it the most banal, bland kind of lowest common denominator sitcom, and I realize I’m not the target audience. But I was watching at home, and for a wild-ass guess for that answer, I actually said “Holy crap!” We were all stunned that I was right, since none of us love Raymond.

I’m loving this show. It’s like Jeapordy! only not as stolid. And the host/emcee/quiz master is great! He’s got kind of this 60s-cool think going on.

The thing that bugs me about the host is that he announces the category name, then explains what the category is about…which was already explained by the category name. “Our next category is ‘Julia Roberts Movies’…this is a category with questions about movies starring Julia Roberts.” Well, maybe it doesn’t bug me so much as it strikes me funny. It’s my running gag to figure out how he’s going to paraphrase the category name.

The executive producer of the show is the creator of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. Looks like he has another hit on his hands.

And I would have been surprised if that woman had gotten the Inigo Quote question wrong. She seemed to been having trouble.