I just watched Pluto Nash, wasn't that bad.

Kinda tongue in cheek goofy scifi crime comedy, I liked some of the scenes on the outside of the moon. I certainly don’t think it was great or good, it was mediocre but kind of fun.

Can someone remind me again why this thing has the reputation of WORST MOVIE EVAR! or close to that.

The only thing I can guess is that maybe this thing had an outrageous budget and bombed hard, but why audiences let that matter I don’t know.

I was okay with it until the “evil twin” showed up, even more so when the twin criticizes Nash’s tuxedo while wearing a conveniently identical tuxedo just to setup the “shoot the evil one, not me!” scene. For the amount of money that movie cost, they sure embraced one old damn cliché, there, plus it mistakenly assumes that clones have identical memories and such crap.

Now if Alec Baldwin had been the villain…

I’ve never seen it, but like you, I have no use for the whole criticize the budget thing. First, it’s not my money. I pay the same amount for good movies as I do for bad. And no, the Hollywood studio is not going to make six good films instead of one shitty one, simply because they have been so successful with shitty movies and they are going to stick with that plan.

I’ve only ever seen it mentioned on lists of the most money-losingest films, not lists of just plain bad films.

I saw it. It was indeed horrible.

You should listen to the Pluto Nash episode of the podcast “How Did This Get Made”. I think it’s the second opinion you’re looking for.


Same Reaction from me.I rather liked, definitely more than Meet Dave even. (I Had a “bad Eddie Murphy Movie” marathon,which basically included everything he was ever in between 2002-2012 excluding Tower Heist and Dreamgirls) I’m a “futurist” as well, so I liked the little things like how being born/living on the Moon had a whole different culture than Earthlings, how Andriod technology had progressed,body modification and a few other things. Like Bryan said, the last act unraveled it for me,but overall no where near as bad as Waterworld.:rolleyes: Even amongst Eddie Murphy stinkers, I place it way above Holy Man,Meet Dave, I Spy and that one cop movie with Robert Dinero…can’t even remember the name…and the kiddie movie where his daughter was writing the stories…maybe 2 steps below Bulworth (which I sorta liked) and Norbit (ditto)

I think like others have said, it had to do more with the fact it went waaaaay over budget and ended up bombing at the box office vs just being such a terrible movie.