I just watched Tim Burton's "Big Eyes."

I know, it came out five years ago and sank without a trace. Also, it covered about a 30 year period, but said it only covered ten years. (Which had to be weird for the teen-aged daughter who had to be in her 40s when the paint-off occurred…) Keane was briefly famous anew for painting a portrait of Gerald Ford, but I couldn’t find any mention of this in the movie or online; could I have imagined it?

I like it when Tim Burton foregoes his freakish puppets to tell a human story (Ed Wood was a big favorite of mine).

Did anyone else on these boards see this? What kind of reception did it get in America?

I did see it and liked it a lot. But its run in the US was fairly short, probably because it was too downbeat a film for the Christmas season.

Yeah - I saw it and remember enjoying it, tho I can’t recall much about it now.
Part of my enjoyment was due to my remembering when the paintings were omnipresent in pop culture.

There was one thing wrong about it.
Christoph Waltz overacting.

Awful. There’s a scene where he cross examines himself in a trial. It’s like something Woody Allen would do, except worse.

Of course, I must be wrong about this because he’s the great Christoph Waltz that can only be perfect.

I like that movie a lot. I agree that Waltz chews the scenery, and his American accent…isn’t. Even so, he’s always an interesting performer. Amy Adams is quite good in this, and that makes up for a lot.

Besides the ‘one person grabs credit for another person’s work’ theme, there was an interesting examination of ‘work that’s respected as art, versus work that’s popular with lots of people’ that, I expect, has some personal overtones for Tim Burton.

All in all, I’d recommend this movie to just about anyone. If nothing else, it’s a pleasure to look at.

It was comically one-sided, to the point that Wikipedia now lists Walter Keane’s profession as “plagiarist.” His daughter, Susan, made a point-by-point rebuttal to some of the film’s factual claims; ultimately, he really should have painted something in that courtroom.

I enjoy lofty, ambitious works about bad art (Ed Wood, Boogie Nights) and this is certainly one more of the canon.

Just a week ago I made a FB post about Keane and her dipshit husband. Someone posted a link to this very movie. i still haven’t watched it though. Is it available on line?

We watched this not too long ago. I thought it was really well done. Would recommend. I think we saw it via Netflix, but we also have amazon prime so it might have been that instead.

I rented it off iTunes.