I knew I was a ______ when I ________

I knew I was an insurance agent when I saw a woman smoking and thought, "Don’t you know the awful rates you’ll get because of that?"
You guys?

I knew I was a college graduate when I picked up my cap and gown, brought it home, tried it on, and realized I’m wearing a board on my head! :eek:

I knew I was a college grad liberal arts major when I got a job as a delivery truck driver.

I knew I was a pickin’ when I saw she was a-grinnin’.

Don’t ask me.

I knew I was an adult when I saw “The Breakfast Club,” and thought “Those kids were a bunch of whiney assholes. The only character I felt sorry for was the poor teacher who had to waste his weekend babysitting them.”

I knew I was a physicist when my younger brother asked me for help on his chemistry coursework, and I ended up giving him a lecture on the quantum mechanical theory about the bonding in copper sulphate crystals…

Yoi’ll know if you’re a physics or chemistry major if you actually understood that :stuck_out_tongue:

That should be “you’ll” as opposed to “yoi’ll”

Damn having to revise!

[hijack] Sorry… but just who’s idea was it to make us do a 3 hour exam paper on **everything[\b] we’ve ever done in the previous 3 years??? [\end hijack]

1)“I knew I was a mean muthafucka when I beat up those three guys for beating on my friend.”
2) I knew I was a Psychology Student when a gorgeous babe told me that she had just dumped her boyfriend and was feeling really lonely and instead of picking her up I spent the rest of the night comforting her.

I knew I was in a fratnerity when I thought how cool it was that because of Syracuse’s weather one could comfortably wear a lettered sweatshirt for 8 months out of the year.

MrAndrewV, been there. It sucks. Damn Abrahams. :wink: