I knew this existed, but now I know more about my neighbors than I wanted

I was doing some research for a novel I’m writing (yes, I’m one of those insane NaNaWriMo people) and came across this site. Nothing too remarkable, except for the link at the bottom of each city’s page to get a list of the political donations by everyone in your town.

I can’t decide if I should be depressed or elated that only one person in my town (of 1200 people) is listed, and she donated $200 to Kerry.

What a wonderful and addictive site! Thanks.

I love that site. Tip: If you click on your state and your town isn’t listed, it might still be there.

Type www.city-data.com/city/Generic-Town-State.html. It’s case sensitive, btw.

The candidate in my little town that got the most money from a single individual was “LAROUCHE IN 2004”.

Someone in my hometown donated $2000 to “Friends of Harry Reid.” I can’t figure out why a person who has always lived in Utah (I recognize the name) is donating money to a Nevada Senator…

Wow, people in Utah donated thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates.

It appears to list only contributions of $200 or more. Still pretty interesting, though.

Must not update very quickly.

Interesting, my hometown (in suburban Boston) had a number of donations to “A LOT OF PEOPLE SUPPORTING TOM DASCHLE INC.”

Thanks for the link. Now I know that there is a guy who lives in my town and works at my company who gave $2000 to Lyndon LaRouche. :eek: I don’t know whether to avoid him or seek him out for the entertainment value.