I know Critical Mass are annoying but...

… this is going to extremes.

Was always going to happen sooner or later. The guy deserves some prison time, and it’s good that no-one was hurt, but a small part of me did say “critical mass bowling… excellent work”. :wink:

I guess he heeded the call of the void and actually did what was on his mind.

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twickster, MPSIMS moderator

What does “critical mass” mean in this context?

I don’t find this funny AT ALL, and I feel a little bit sickened knowing some people do. Given the mod note, that’s all I’ll say. Thank goodness no one was killed.

What this driver did was wrong, wrong, wrong.

But I can see why it seemed like the thing to do.

The memory of having been blocked from getting home from work for an hour during FREAKIN’ RUSH HOUR gives me a little smile while reading about this.

But really, he should’ve just stood there, flipping them off as they passed, like I did.

From the story —

Hey, maybe this is a stupid question, but if it’s rush hour, doesn’t that mean kind of by definition you get delayed by cars on the road, like, every single day?

Again, maybe I’m stupid, but why aren’t you fantasizing about killing the drivers who delay you every single day instead of the bicyclists who did it once?


This sounds like Sam Kinison: “I don’t condone spousal abuse, but I sure know what turns Mr. Hand into Mr. Fist.”

Yeah, it was kind of funny when he said it. You, not so much.

Maybe because the motorists arent doing it on purpose?

I for one am glad some of em got a little fear of Detroit Jesus put in em.

Some of them might be. I’ve been behind rolling roadblocks before.

I wasn’t fantasizing about killing them, I was standing there flipping them off.

And I took the bus to work. So I had a chance of scoring a seat instead of standing there waiting for a bus that almost never came.

Not all cyclists are assholes, but those in Critical Mass are.

It’s all in the delivery. You can’t pick up the nuances on a messageboard.

Hey, we all have a dark side. Just because the little ogre inside me gave a tiny mean-spirited twinge doesn’t make me a bad person. The bigger part of me is glad no one was killed, and hopes that the driver is imprisoned. There’s no excuse for what he did.

But yeah.

Reject your inner asshole, but don’t pretend he doesn’t exist.

Aren’t I?

Let me guess.

Somebody was driving the left lane going the speed limit :slight_smile:

Because the Critical Mass types do it on purpose, and make a point to be as obnoxious as possible about it. They are the bicycle version of the Fred Phelps clan; they don’t do anything but try to provoke people in ways that are just short of breaking the law, and are considered a complete embarrassment by the people allegedly on their side.

I love cycling, but hate these turds.

Criticall Asses is more like it.

No one was hurt?

Still funny?

If they were being typical Critical Massholes, yep, I find it funny.