I know I live in the mountains, but this is ridiculous...

Over the last four days, we’ve gotten at least 3 FEET of snow. And it’s dumping right now. I think this is the biggest storm of the year, and the ski area closed last week. So much for spring, which had started to set in two weeks ago. I guess I can’t put away the snowshoes and cross country skis yet. I may need them to get out of the driveway.

Just to rub it in, next week Mr Alpine goes to golf school near Scottsdale, AZ, where it’ll be in the 90s.

:smack: :smack:

I live in Grand Junction, and it’s snowing HERE! I moved from the High Country in 1995 in part because I broke my leg the first weekend in May by slipping on new snow out by the woodpile.

We live in a state with four seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Construction.

Construction is well underway. Why is it still snowing?

My Wife has been taking very careful measurements of our snowfall. I’ll add it up when I get home (Hoosier Pass, south of Breckenridge).

My problem is that I ran out of places for my plow truck to put it. The drive is as skinny as it can get now. And our parking area has shrunk significantly.

I’m afraid the roof attached to our shed that covers the tractor is going to collapse. I’m afraid to get up there and shovel it.

The dogs have been getting out of the yard for a few months now, as the measly 5 foot fence has long since been buried.

I’m afraid those of us down below are going to see some serious flooding in a month or so. We’ve been getting consistent rain/snow and if it keeps up the ground will be saturated when the melt starts. Combine all that with a well placed thunderstorm and it’s a disaster. Ever see that Weather Channel special about a flood in Boulder? That wasn’t just a “what if?” scenario - that’s going to happen one of these years and the city will be under water.


It’s hot as hell today where I live, and I remain unsympathetic to anyone who lives in Telluride.

All right, all right I hear ya. However. It can still get a little old to have so much so late in the season.

Seems it wasn’t all that long ago that at least some parts of Colorado were struggling with a pretty good drought. I know the Arkansas and Purgatory on our place were running low. Many irrigation ditches that had run for as long as old-timers could remember completely dried up and there was widespread concern about how the reservoirs and snow pack in the mountains was at record lows. Vacationing, we saw mountain lakes that were just fractions of their former selves. The dry conditions put a lot of stress on many of the pines, allowing the bark beetle to overcome weakened defenses and decimate extensive stands of timber.

We don’t live there and visits are usually confined to certain areas. Has that abated for the most part over most of the state? Are you all seeing reservoirs and floral conditions more or less returning to normal?

We’ve had about four consecutive good years since the drought year, and this year every basin is above normal, mostly well above normal. The state is in good shape water-wise. I think the southern parts of the state were in worse shape than the rest, but they are getting hammered this year (as in the OP).

The Pine Bark Beetle is another story. They have devastated the lodgepole pines in the state.

Yep the pine beetle is making a mess of things. We are trying to get ready for some big fires. And, sadly, we need them. The beetle has not quite reached where I live.

266 inches of snow on top of (or about a half mile from) Hoosier Pass. 22 feet this winter.

Not much snow in Sept/Oct/Nov. Then 66 inches in December. And it really hasn’t stopped since. Mud season is trying to start, but just can’t quite get here.

It’s supposed to be pretty nice next week.

I took these photos about a week ago (cameras date is not right).

No where to put the snow
Shed with tractor that is two small to help
Mi Casa
Hang in there plow truck

Yeah, those scenes are familiar. Your shed does look like a danger zone.

We had the big snowblower in this year for the first time (like the ones CDOT uses), because there really was nowhere to push the snow and our driveway was tunnel-like (and is again). Normally, it’s the front loader.

We just got back from driving to Norwood (@ an hour away) and it’s full on blizzard again. I wish I were going somewhere for off-season… I think we’re at something silly this year like 400 inches. (I could be exaggerating slightly.)

(Caveat - I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but sometimes ya just gotta bitch.)

Yeah. I agree there. Just as people in Texas complain about the heat.

The county runs graders with three blades on our road for snow removal. 6x6’s. And the occasional loader.

I’d love to get a BobCat with a blower on it for our drive and road. We are the only full time folks that live on it, so we are last on the list. For now, I’m going to have to rely on my truck that I’ve owned since 1978. I think that one day, I will find a pile of steel and sheet metal attached to a plow.

It’s full on inch an hour here again too.

Love it though I do. Reading on the deck and looking at 14teeners is one of my great pleasures.

Alpine, Are you still GIS?

The 2010 Census looks to be totaly FUBAR.

Wow. Those pictures are beautiful.

Here, it was just nasty cold rain. I’m waiting for spring to really get going.

Yes, and I posted in your Pit thread about it. I worked my BUTT off getting that data ready! I’m kinda isolated here, so I haven’t heard the rumors/facts. Not to get totally off track, but what’s the deal?

Awesome pics, enipla. We’re coming up in a couple of weeks. Between those and Alpine’s report y’all have my ears perkin’ up at the possibility of getting in a real late ski. Hopefully some place will still be runnin’.

I’m very sorry Alpine that I did not follow up on that thread. I was mad when I wrote it and never saw it again. I was venting for good reason.

e me at gismaps@co.summit.co.us and I’ll let you know what I know. :mad: I went through the same drill for the 2000 census.

Wow. Our snow, at least down here in the valley (at about 5800 feet – Ketchum, Idaho), has been melting, though there’s still quite a lot of it around. And it’s April. I never thought I’d see snow still on the ground in April. This was my first winter here, and as much as I have enjoyed it, I’m pretty much sick of the snow. It can go away for a few months, really, I wouldn’t mind.

We have some skiing here until April 20. I’m told as of at least a couple of days ago that the snow up higher is still really good. Yet I have seen the same mountains without any snow at all! Last August, anyway, so I know it’s possible. I’d like to see it again. I’m beginning to think I arrived just after the last of the stuff melted.

IloveithereIloveithereIloveithereIloveithere (actually, I do, but I’m still tired of snow)

There is plenty of snow, but the seasonal workers are starting to cut out.

Check with the ski areas. Arapaho basin and Loveland are usually the last to shut down.

I like this one a lot. Total accident. From my deck.
A morning that the moon was out.

Those photos are awesome.


Pretty easy considering the subject matter. I’ll be plowing today, maybe I’ll take the camera.