I know now how feces get on public surfaces....

Because I am a parent.

There is nothing quite like noticing a …stink of human excrement and rounding to corner to find your child has removed his diaper and used poo as an artistic medium. :eek:

I’ve been dressed and smeared and had to wipe it with a wet wipe and hope for the best, I’ve got it on my hands when changing his diaper, I’ve had <thevapors> when realizing he was reaching into his diaper and taking out AHHHHHHH!

Seriously ever wonder why public surfaces have feces on them? You know like when the local news tests the ATMs and subway handles and shopping carts etc?


The more I learn about kids, the more I like cats.

So your kid makes ATM withdrawals? Hmm. Precocious tot you got there; even if he/she has poop on their hands. :smiley:

Could be worse. If you’ve ever cleaned motel rooms or even read some of the grosser stories on Not Always Right, adults can indulge in brown bio-finger-paint too.

This is probably not a thread where the term ATM should be used.

So, yeah, next time someone looks aghast at me when I say I’d never want kids, I will direct them to this thread.


I am trying to picture a kid still in diapers standing at the ATM machine touching the keys and perhaps making a transaction…um…Ok…I’m still trying to picture this… humph, nothing is coming. Oh well. Germs, as we all know, are everywhere and unavoidable. Such is life…

The idea was more that the parents are contaminated during diaper changes.

I always used to see those segments on the local news in Houston where they would swab shopping carts or whatever and announce they found feces and these bacteria and etc And I would go how in the hell is feces getting everywhere? Is there a shortage of toilet paper or something?

It’s how I got my start.

I saw a quote on “Not Always Related” the other day - a parent:

“So I look over and she’s standing there in a puddle of pee with a purple crayon shoved up her nose.”

Yeah. I am very glad I made the decision not to make some little poop-monsters. :slight_smile: