I know there aren't many wrestling fans here, but...

Last night Mr. Rilch and his friend went to ECW Heatwave 2000. They had ringside seats and the event was broadcast live on pay-per-view, so they made a lot of signs. Mr. Rilch’s favored sign read “Cyrus Is a Meat Smuggler”. (Meat smuggler means what you think it does.) Friend’s favored sign was a bit more complex. ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) is being challenged by an outfit called EPW (Extreme Pro Wrestling). ECW says they’ve claimed the word “extreme”, and are trying to get EPW’s name changed. Meanwhile, Friend has been creating a website for another competitor: CWO (Central Wrestling Organization). He made a sign that said only “www.cwo.com”. All signs have to be inspected before fans can enter the coliseum, and the guards were so preoccupied with scanning for EPW propaganda, they didn’t notice that Friend had a sign for another competitor! He held it up at every opportunity, and his boss called him that night, in a dither, to tell him they’d been getting an “extreme” number of hits! So Mr. Rilch may have launched a new catchphrase, and Friend gave his employers tremendous publicity for “free”. (He’ll get his due, if I know him.) The 2Ks. God love 'em.

I’ve just been corrected by Mr. Rilch. It’s XPW, not EPW.

Hey there Rilchiam. I must say that I envy Mr. Rilch, very much. My friends and I had to settle for watching it on Pay-Per-View. Actually saw the sign you refer to on the broadcast last night.
As for the name thing, it seems that everyone is playing the copyright game now-a-days. It reminds me of a great book “Survivor” by Chuck Palahniuk. In it, there is an agent whose company has copyrighted every conceavable name for cures for different diseases. They’ve even got all of the pill bottles already made up. Kind of reminds me of the web domain name scalpers.

Woohoo! Which one: Meat Smuggler or CWO?

Sorry to be getting back to you so late. I saw the “Meat Smuggler” one in like the first 5 minutes of the show. Their was an interview and then the second shot started on the “Cyrus is a Meat Smuggler” sign. It was a fairly big sign in an area without many so it was pretty easy to spot. I then saw the “CWO” sign just a few seconds later. I have since checked out the rebroadcast at a friend’s house. Was Mr. Rilch wearing a plaid shirt, glasses, and has brown hair?
I’m in what you would term as the void of North America. Wrestling federations, singers, bands, and all other forms of entertainment just skip over my province (Saskatchewan). Wish I coulda been there. ECW is definitely my favourite wrestling fed. Did Mr. Rilch have a good time (as if I needed to ask)?

I think it was the biggest hand-held sign in the arena!

That’s him!

He had a blast! If you remember the bit where a group of people tried to climb in the ring, he saw more of that than what got on camera. I just showed him this post and he says, “I’m a rock star!”

Rock on, Mr. Rilch!
Yeah, that was weird when the people tried to get in the ring. Actually, it appeared that one of them was going after the female manager. Then every wrestler came out to take him on. If I were that guy, I would not have doddled in the parking lot on the way out.

Mr. Rilch says that one of them grabbed her ass. Don’t know what happened to him outside the arena.

Oh, but something that did happen outside the arena is that one of the security guys whomped on some kid and left him unconscious. Left him. Mr. Rilch called 911.

AWesome Rilch!

I am a wrestling fan though I have never gotten much into ECW.

I went to a WWF Raw last November and a WCW Thunder last April. WE had ringside seats as well and made lots of signs, It is so much fun. I can’t wait to get Demo to one!

Lucky Mr. Rilch was there. Geez, I knew it was hardcore, but to the fans too?

And psycat, you’re a wrestling fan but not of ECW? I’m inclined to shame you; the wrestling is sooooo goooood! Though I am also a fan of WWF but as far as WCW goes…I think I’ll just not say anything so as not to offend anyone. It’s good to know there are a couple of wrestling fans on the SDMB or people married to people who were lucky enough to attend an event that I could only wish to attend. :frowning: