I know what I'm getting for Christmas

Ivylad is terrible at giving gifts.

He gets so excited once he buys it, he will give it immediately instead of waiting for the day of the birthday or anniversary or Christmas or what have you.

So, last night, he said, “I’m giving you your Christmas present now.”

“Oh, no you’re not!” I declared. “Wait until Christmas!”

“I can’t. I have to find out if you want to go.”

“Just wait for Christmas.”

“No. What music do you like to listen to?”


“Let me narrow it down. What music do you like to listen to at Christmas time?”

As if he needed to ask.

Oh, come on! I can’t be the only MS fan here!

I can’t watch that MS marathon. Jerry’s kids are way too sad…

A new TV and a VCR of your very own, set to tape Trading Spaces forever and ever?

One album of Christmas/holiday music-----fine.

Two albums of Christmas/holiday music----passable, but just barely.

But basing your entire musical career around Christmas/holiday music is just wrong.

It’s not just Christmas music. Chip Davis has done, among others I believe, the theme music to NYPD Blue and the final symphony in Mr. Holland’s Opus.