I like Butters

I watched some South Park over the weekend for the first time in several months. The tape had some episodes with Butters, who has been much maligned since he has taken Kenny’s place, and this is the first time I have seen him.

Now, I like Kenny, the little gasoline-drinking porn addict, but I like Butters too, and I think he actually plays a more important role in the group - having an innocent outsider in the group helps the overall dynamic, and besides - he can dance! I rewound that part on the episode where he dances to The Safety Dance and watched it several times. Heh heh heh.

I have to agree. I got the most recent South Park DVDs, including one that seems to push the retarded kid, Timmy, as a mew member of the core group, and all my wife and I could think of was “Timmy sucks, but we like this new guy, Butters.”

I’ll go with this; Butters is pretty funny. You can’t really blame one character (Butters) for not being another (Kenny). And that episode with Butters following his dad to the porn theater and the “White Swallow Spa”? Hilarious. His wide-eyed cluelessness really underscored the humor.

Though they have once in a while made an uninteresting episode, for the most part I continue to be amazed at the ingenuity of Parker and Stone, and I for one will be sorry to see South Park leave the schedule. I hope they go out with a bang.

Whoa, back up. You mean there are definite plans for them to leave the schedule?

When did they replace Kenny? I hadn’t watched SP for over a year, and just started again, and I’m kinda confused with where Butter fits into it all.

I like Butters too. I haven’t watched South Park continously for some months now—is Butters the kid whose parents owned the coffee joint?

Nope, the coffee shop is owned by Tweek’s parents. He’s the kid who keeps twitching and screaming from a permanent caffeine OD.

I like Butters too, for pretty much the same reason as Badtz Maru. He balances the obnoxiousness of Cartman and the others. I just hope they don’t use him too much. After all, what’s South Park without obnoxiousness?

I kind of have mixed feelings in regards to Butters. On one hand, he’s probably the most good natured character in the series, with lots of unrewarded sincerity. But compared to the others, he’s so bland-I guess the Mat and Trey got tired of killing Kenny off (or ran out of ideas of him dying) every episode.

Though I wish they would explain exactly why he didn’t come back. There was one episode where he just ‘appears’ after previously dying, and another episode where he dies but his mom gives birth to a boy looking exactly like him.

He died of cancer, apparently…

I love Butters! He’s just like me. Well, I mean…one aspect of me. So sweet and adorable. I remember the NAMBLA episode, where they decide to send him out and he goes off nervously. Thankfully, though, little Butters is still unviolated.

I do like Tweeks, too. “Oh no, maybe there are no underwear gnomes…maybe I’m going insane. Oh no I’m going insane!”
“AHH! Too much pressure!” Hehe. I’m coming off as a very strange person, aren’t I?

Well, I like the expression of Butters at the end of the Butters-only episode. :eek: -something like that after discovering what his dad visited and that his mom tried to kill him… I wonder how he recovered from that…

I read an article in the newspaper (credited to Scripps Howard News Services wire) that Trey and Matt killed Kenny-for good-for two reasons-because after six years, nobody was really caring about the “Oh my God, they killed Kenny, you bastards” aspect of the show anymore; and because it was extremely hard to keep coming up with new ways for Kenny to die.

Rest in peace, little unlucky guy. Or, as he would say, “Mmph mmph mmph mmph mmph!”

I seem to remember reading that this current season cycle (which I guess will end in May, but you never know with Comedy Central) would be the last for South Park. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure Parker and Stone had decided that they’d had enough of the show. Someone else might be able to give the full scoop there.

From their website FAQ, it says they will air a seventh season, but it is still undecided if it will be a full one or not.

Isn’t Butters’s last name “Kotch” or something similar? Wouldn’t that make his full name Butters Kotch? Excellent play on words! :smiley:

And the Butters-only episode was an instant classic. “You liar! Just stop lying, you liar!” (hehehe) Of all the main characters on South Park, I think Butters would be my personal choice for a (highly unlikely) spin-off. Him or Chef. Or maybe Mr. Hat.



Fck you! You fckin’ f*ck! You got sumptin’ aginst cripples?!?I love Timmy! I’m not sure why, but every once in a while I find myself going: “timmay!” I think it’s when I’m absentmindedly doing something stupid or having a Tourettes moment, but I’m really not sure–I’m always surprised to hear it.

Possibly the most offensive post I have ever written. I pre-emptively apologise for it and myself.
<Timmay, timmay…timmay…TIMMAY!!!>

Butters is my favorate character. Him and Timmy.

Well, so much for everyone’s opinion about Butters! Tweak should be cool! I wonder who their new teacher is going to be?

Argh! I’m in LA; I won’t get to see the show for another two hours!

For some reason I don’t miss Kenny at all! My feelings about Butters are mixed. I think he’s pretty funny. On the episode a couple of weeks ago when the kids were running from place to place trying to find a TV to watch the Terrance and Phillip new movie trailer,I found myself genuinely pissed at Butters when he told them that they couldnt watch TV at his house because his parents werent home and that he had no babysitter!
My God! Whats happening to me!