South Park: Who should replace Kenny?

Yes, I realize that the decision has been made for Tweek; however, I’m not entirely sold on the idea.

Personally, I love Token. I think he would have been a perfect fit in with the other three without being irritating. He’s always been a good character and I believe he would fit well. The other character I was pulling for was Towelie. He’s just humorous to me, and I think that he would be a good fit too. Plus, a towel always around offers many funny plot lines.

I absolutely DETEST Jimmy and was thrilled when it wasn’t him. Timmy and Tweek are decent, but they get irritating after long exposure. Finally, I think Pip lost because he is a British Butters.

Any thoughts on the future of the show (new teacher included)?

So, Butters is dead too?

I haven’t seen South Park in a long time. Now that Global has apparently stopped buying new episodes, where can Canadians see the new seasons? I’ve just been hearing the stories from a friend, and it seems like South Park just keeps getting better.

Butters isn’t dead. They (Stan, Kyle and Eric) ‘fired’ him.

Towlie should replace Kenny. Or Pip or Token. Buttars maybe !!!

Dang it, i need to get cable! Who the heck is Token? (a black kid?)

Yes. Token is the black kid.

I thought Butters was the replacement for Kenny.

Yeah, he was, but like JuanitaTech says, the guys fired him. I can’t wait for the first Tweek episode. Been a fan ever since the underpants gnomes ep. I can see how he might end up being annoying, but hey; they can just fire him again. I kinda think Token would be a bit dull, but I could be wrong. Timmeh is a one-joke character (a great one, but still), so wouldn’t really manage being a main feature in several consecutive episodes, I reckon. Is this the last series, does anyone know?

I was pulling for Towelie or Tweek all the way through that episode. I loved the episodes with Butters though, he cracks me up. The episode when Cartman is at Butters’ house “covering for him” is one of the funniest things ever. This is from memory-

Butters’ Dad: Hey son, just making sure you’re home. Hey, do I hear the TV on? I told you no TV while you’re grounded!

Cartman (Doing Butters’ Voice): No dad, I’m not watching TV, just sittin around jackin’ it.

BD: Jacking what?

C: My hot, spicy boner of course

BD: Young man, you better watch it!

C: Oh, shut up you bloody vaginal belch. (Hangs up)

Then Butters’ Mom calls

BM: Butters, your father just called me and said you made him very angry.

C: Yeah, well ya see mom, Dad’s being a little pussy.

BM: Young man, you just wait until we get home, you’re in big trouble!

C: I’ll be here with bells on, ya old horse-bangin’ skank (Hangs up)

Oops, more to add about my love for Butters. The skiing episode:

“Stan, you gave it your best and that’s all Jesus asks of you”

Thumper: You got some crap right here, little dude.
Butters: Aah, that’s my face sir.

I’ve loved him ever since the “Melvins” episode when Kyle(?) gets stuck in the basement with Butters and Pip.

I’m gonna miss Butters. I did, however, love the “Reality Show” style of the friend selection episode, and I thought Professor Chaos was hilarious. He’s just such a little loser! I want to poke him and make him go get me a soda.


Ok, I haven’t watched the show regularly in a long time, so please fill me in. What happened to Kenny?

He died, obviously.

Well, he died for, apparently, the final time. There was a real tear-jerker episode when Kenny got sick and went to the hospital, and Cartman gathered up a bunch of frozen fetuses and worked to repeal the law on stem cell research to save his life. But Kenny died, offscreen, and he’s not coming back.

Of course, it turns out that Cartman only wanted the stem cells so he could create his own personal Shakey’s Pizza restaurant.

Anyway. Trey and Matt were evidently tired of the character, and figured they’d done just about all they could with him, so they killed him off and moved on.

I agree. Butters or Pip should replace Kenny. And I’m glad the Kenny killing is done.

You Bastards!

Oh, forgot that Butters has my favorite line in the history of South Park.

During the David Blaine Episode:

Cult Dude: “You’re not really happy! You’ve just been brainwashed to believe that you are. David Blaine is the way to true happiness!”

Butters: “Well, I dunno, I think I’m unhappy… Y’see every morning I wake up to the sound of my own screams… and well every night I fall asleep to the sound of my own screams… would you say I’m unhappy?”