"I Like Little Baby Ducks" Song

Everybody seems to know this line in the song…What is the song? It’s sappy but sweet. I think I remember Willie Tyler and Lester, the ventriloquist act doing it to close their show. Can anyone link me to the lyrics? Thanks

Maybe “I Love” by Tom T. Hall?

Lyrics here.

I like baby ducks and I cannot lie
You other birdlovers can’t deny
But when a duck walks by with its cute little beak
and its webbed little feet
You stop dead, wanna pat its cute head
Cause you notice your pillow was stuffed
With the down that it’s wearing
Gonna feed the cute guy a herring
Oh, duckie, I wanna just pet’cha
And get you all wet’cha
When I come and take you homey
In the bathtub, I get you all foamy
Ooh, rump-o-smooth-skin…

That, of course, from the classic Baby Got Quack!

by Heathen Dan:

Heathen Dan’s song (which Dr. Demento plays) is a sidesplitter.
“I Love…” by Tom T. H all is sappy to some, but these days such sweet sentiment is rare, sad to say.
Both have their places and their appeal.
Kudos to Heathen Dan (and Dr. Demento) and Tom T. Hall.

It’s almost a shame Hall isn’t dead yet, because I wanted to make this joke:

No offense, Tom. Glad you’re still with us.