I like live TV cable networks programming, It's better then the watch on demand - but it's a no go

Every so often I try a free trial of internet based ‘cable service’ like Philo, ATT, Sling etc.

I am currently using sling with their free 14 day CoronaVirus special. I enjoy the programming and find it better for what I like then the on demand all you can watch models. However every time there is a huge turnoff. The length of time for commercials. Note it’s not the commercials, but how much time the commercial slots run for.

Growing up, way back when, soon after Noah got off the ark and set up the first commercial TV station, commercials were there but didn’t consume so much time out of the broadcast program. But now I believe they are sometimes 8 minutes long per ‘slot for commercials’

It really kills it, yes DVR helps, but then it’s more like on demand, and you have to predecide what one wants to watch instead of deciding at the moment, but yes I use that function.

Yes I know that a big part of how they get their money, however it’s such a turnoff that it is not worth getting.

Again it’s not the commercials themselves, but the length of time they leave for the comercials.