I Like The Bush Administration

Always have. Well, that pretty much sums it up. That and I’m Canadian.

I think that Afghanistan and Iraq were the right moves.

I think Iran and perhaps North Korea should be next.

Who’s with me?

One word…run!

The Pit or GD? GD or the Pit?

Based on the anticipated responses to the short but provocative OP…

Moved from IMHO to the Pit.

Crickets chirp

Me, too.

I do so love the simplicity of Bush supporters.

We simply can’t solve all the world’s problems, especially if the populations of the countries we invade overhwhelmingly don’t want us there. Maybe we should focus on our own problems and everybody concerned would be better off.

Like gay marriage?

Why do you hate America?

Hasn’t the OP previously opened a thread about his rare inability with fictional narratives? I do believe he has.

A little re-wording and the same thread is duplicated in the Pit. Or triplicated as the case may be. Normally the Board frowns on this sort of thing. Who knows how it will all end?

Well, you might get more positive responses if you expanded on your ideas a little.

Toppling the Taliban: Yup, right move.

Invading Iraq: Morally justified, regardless of the WMD business, but strategically a disaster. I would say that it was a mistake, but I would also say that pulling out and leaving Iraq to anarchy would be a greater mistake.

Iran and North Korea: I don’t have any ethical qualms with NK, Iran is a bit more moderate so I would disagree. Of course, in practical terms, I would have grave reservations about the ability of the US to pull it off.

I’d love to see you do a bit more than sit behind you puters and instigate other peple to do the killing for you. Of course it might never have occured to you that:

A-Iraq had absolutely NOTHING to do with 9/11. And

B-Even though you’re a Cannuck, the US Armed Forces are desperately trying to meet their recruitment goals – just ain’t happening, so how’s about you give them a hand…a finger or any other extremity you’re not particulaly fond of.

Actually, methinks if you took one to the brain, you might be lots saner than you are now.

PS-What/with are you going to inavde Irar and SK with? I mean you’re already getting bitch slapped by basically a bunch of peasants and there ain’t much you can do in the iraq quagmaire – other tha keep killing amd dying. Fun stuff, ain’t it?

Swet dreams and may you fry a buch of Islamists in them. Oh, yeah, almost forgot…fuck you up the ass with a rusty spoon. Enjoy the woody.

Great talkin with ya!

Can we borrow your army to invade these two nations? Cause ours is pretty much broken.

See, this thread is an example of what happens when you play hockey without a helmet.

Well, just to balance things out, I’m an American, and I think Stephen Harper is a douchebag.

Unless some members of the Bush administration actually post here, you’re probably outta luck. And even they know that we can’t invade Iran and North Korea, so they probably wouldn’t want you to draw attention to the fact that two of the Axis of Evil governments are going to be in power after they leave office.

That doesn’t mean invading wasn’t a mistake, unless you just mean you don’t actually want to say it. Today, I’m just pissed that because of their lies and bullshit, kids think the Iraq War is the entirety of the war on terror. Also, the War on Terror is a stupid idea.

Iran and North Korea might spread the US troops a wee bit thin at the moment.

How about…

The Federated States of Micronesia!

Because they hate us for our freedom or something

But…I…did…say it. :confused:
Wait, this is the pit! Fuck you and your goat felching reading comprehension skills!

Someone must free the poor Micronesians from the tyrannical rule of Baron Karza!

You want GW?