I liked "Star Trek: First Contact", but...

I found this review (in four parts) of ST:FC. Pretty @!#?@! hilarious, and the critic points out some pretty blatent plot holes.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

(It always kinda bugged me that Picard went from the humanity’s-evolved-we-don’t-need-violence captain to Capt. Ahab. [And no, I haven’t read “Moby Dick” either.])

Those reviews are funny, but he gripes about stuff that is either explained or obvious a lot of the time. He could do the same type of reviews for the TOS movies or any other movie. I’d still watch them because they are funny reviews.

I think it’s understandable why Picard changes in this movie. It’s in his speech to Lily. Not only have the Borg assimilated Picard and killed a lot of people in the past, they’ve now killed every human in the future except for the crew on the Enterprise and they try to kill the very person that inspired them all to be who they are today. He’s hurt and wants revenge. If he doesn’t destroy them, everything is finished (except the alternate universe, I guess). He finally overcomes his need for revenge and becomes the Picard from the series when he orders the ship to be evacuated.

Except he doesn’t mention that. He instead talks about how the Federation is constantly falling back when world after world is being assimilated, but we never see or hear about that. In the movie, they go directly for Earth and there isn’t any mention of any other planets falling along the way.

I really liked this movie ( saw it again recently and confirmed how much I enjoyed it). But I LOVE this guy’s reviews, they are long but always worth watching. His review of Star Wars the Phantom Menace is GREAT!

FWIW, that’s not a plot hole.

That was epic, even that dudes voice added to it.

“What? You mean that ship you were just about to ram into the Borg? Yeah it’s fine, and salvageable.”

I got as far as three minutes into the first video before I couldn’t handle any more of this guy’s stupidity. He counterpoints the following two lines from the movie, about the Borg’s motivations, as though they somehow contradict each other:

And this confuses him to the point where he can’t understand what the Borg are trying to do. Hey, Captain Valium - those are the same damn thing. If you stop the epochal, establishing event of Federation history, you prevent humanity from being a threat to the Borg two hundred years later. Then he goes on to mention the Borg Queen’s interest in Data, somehow construing this as a candidate for their original aims. Yeah, okay. It couldn’t possibly be that she just noticed him and wanted to, oh Idunno, try assimilating a new life-form, maybe.

Of what I heard before I shut the noise off, he had one semi-valid objection: Why didn’t the Borg travel to the past where Starfleet couldn’t see them coming? Okay, so the Borg were carrying a rather large idiot ball. But it’s consistent with their characterization - they are arrogant to a fault. It’s implied elsewhere in Trek that the Borg are very very old, and very very accustomed to getting exactly what they want. Based on that attitude and prior engagements, it never occurred to them that the handful of ships Starfleet could muster would present a problem, or prevent them from achieving their aims. And wouldn’t you know it? They were almost right.

The only thing I agreed with the review was that Riker and LaForge should not have been on the Phoenix.

I always thought that the Borg didn’t plan to go back in time and assimilate Earth in the past until after their assault in the beginning of this movie failed and they had to think up a new plan on the fly

am I wrong?

The hour long, extensive deconstruction of Phantom Menace was linked to in a previous thread some time back. I thought it was great, and very insightful as to why the film just doesn’t work for a lot of people. I also think he’s really funny, even though the tangents he goes off on for the sake of humor sometimes get to be a bit much. Generally I find him more “hit”, than “miss.”

A couple of weeks back he posted a review of Avatar. It’s not as good as some of his other bits but I thought the cynical way he goes about deconstructing the alien design was brilliant.

Avatar Review
Part 1
Part 2

I agree with Palo Verde, I think his Phantom Menace critic is even better.

That was how I saw it. They came to Earth to fight, but didn’t expect to go down so fast so they did the time travel sphere as a last resort.

And with Riker and Geordi being on the Phoenix

well someone had to co-pilot it

I assumed that Lily was one of the co-pilots, and I guess the other one died in the Borg attack

Assimilate this !!!

My fanwank explanation for that ‘room’ with no doors and the big ‘window’? It’s the waste disposal! See, we never do get a proper explanation for what the ‘Jeffries Tubes’ are (those large-sized vents that serve the plot whenever an invading force takes control of the ship, and the regular crew have to skulk about). Perhaps its’ just the sewage system! All the ships’ toilets connect to it. That big ‘window’ with the force screen is simply the jettison hatch to get rid of the crap (literally) that’s deposited through the Jeffries Tubes into that ‘room.’

Did they show the entire room? Just because they didn’t use the door, doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

I watched this again last night. There is an obvious door behind Lily as Picard is pointing out Australia to her. The reason they don’t use it is because they aren’t using any doors, just the tubes.

Yeah, that one is legend

His problem with that is that the only reason to be using the tubes is if you are wanting to avoid the hallways, and yet, a few scenes later, you see them walking down the hallway.

I agree that the guy was pulling for straws to make fun of this one (as he pretty much had to.) But he did make some good points. Movie Picard really is quite different from TV Picard. And for somebody who watched TNG for the characterization, I bet that would be annoying.

They’d be better if he didn’t sound like a concussed drunkard, though.