I Logged Out Suddenly.

I logged out suddenly today. I think everything is alright now. This is just a test post to see if I can still post alright. Anyone else ever log out suddenly :slight_smile: ?

Slowly I turned…

Step by step…

Okay, this is at least the second time I have read this joke of these boards and I still don’t get it. It is from the Three Stooges, right? Everytime one of the Three Stooges mentions “Niagra Falls” IIRC (I used to be a big Three Stooges fan :slight_smile: ). But what does this joke mean on these boards :slight_smile: ?

Previous thread (where samclem linked to even older ones at the end).

How, specifically, does one log out suddenly? Or actually, the question should be: how does one log out anything other than suddenly? - it’s one click - how can you do it any other way than suddenly?

Maybe “logged out suddenly” means he got logged out without warning and without intention?

Like a power outage or computer crash, or something?

Shouldn’t be any difference between that and just closing the browser window, unless perhaps you were in the process of logging in when it happened. If you’re just viewing a fully-loaded page, the SDMB web server is finished with you until your browser asks it for something else - such as another thread, when you click on an active link.
So there’s no practical difference between just closing the window and powering down the computer, or the sudden loss of everything.