I lost the cap to my windshiled washer fluid tank. Where can I get a replacement?

It vanished at some point in the past week or two. It had started to crack, and it probably just fell apart and fell through the engine down to the street. Gone!

So where do I get another one? Is it a “one size fits all” type thing that I can pick up from an auto parts store, or is this something that I have to special order from the manufacturer (pontiac) for like $50 (in which case, I’ll just cover the hole with duct tape or something)?

If you use duct tape, be sure to poke a few holes in it for ventilation. Me, I’d just go to the dealer’s parts supply and buy a new one. Shouldn’t cost more than a few bucks.

Some auto parts stores have ‘generic’ buttons, caps, levers, etc. It is ‘hit or miss’.

If the car is a GM, ChryCo or Ford product, you might find a generic or universal type replacement by surfing through the JC Whitney catalog or a big auto parts store.

Call the parts desk at the dealer. Believe it or not, it might be inexpsensive. I bought a radio knob for about 5 bucks.

For example, it’s less than 3 bucks for a BMW replacement:


7 bucks for a Jaguar:


Well, I’ve just been driving around for years without one. I just don’t fill the reservoir to the top.

These are not universal. However, if it’s a common design, e.g. a GM type that was used on many models for many years, it might be available in the aftermarket. If the car’s not too old, it will be available from a dealer, though it’s possible it’s not serviced separately (i.e., only comes with the reservoir). It’s surely available at some salvage yards.

You could also try a salvage yard. I’m sure a car like yours has been in a wreck where that cap was not damaged.

Your local Pep Boys or other aftermarket auto supply may carry the ‘Help’ line of parts made to OE specifications. Check the catalog for an exact replacement. Next bet if that doesn’t work out is a salvage yard.

You could try measuring the opening, and then go to the grocery store with a tape measure and find some container with the same size lid. There are a wide range of container sizes there, and almost all of them sell for less than $5 (including the food).