I love an editor with a sense of humor!


The headline and the article are both hilarious!

I hardly find that homorous.

Pranks of that testicular, er… particular… nature are sure to get an erection. Reaction.

Sincerely, Major Samuel M. Havvaboner, RAF. Retired, Mrs.

I object to the next post:

How’d you like to have to “monitor” a 13 year old’s hardon until “the effects wear off”? Man, that could take weeks.

A whole gaggle of little boners. Heh.

How could they tell the effects were the result of the Viagra and not just … umm … normal 13 year-old male tendencies? If there were hot nurses hanging around (or, for that matter, any nurses with boobs) the “effects” would never wear off!

Well, you know what they say: Spare the rod…

“…and the lad was rushed to the hospital with 2nd degree burns on his right hand.”


“Well, we’re boned.”


They need Viagra for constant erections at 13? All I needed was girls. Gusts of wind. Leaves. Just about anything.

They need Viagra for constant erections at 13? All I needed was girls. Gusts of wind. Leaves. Just about anything.

Double-u tee Eff?!

Damn it went down, now its up again…

I must remember its copy not remember…Sorry!

How did thirteen-year-olds come into possession of prescription drugs, anyway? Is it usual for them to handle things like that in Italy?

Did somebody’s father get left hanging in the wind without his meds? It would be terrible to be shafted that way by your own son, but seems most likely that a boy that age would have palmed 'em at home.

What if they weren’t handy, though? I wonder asked the local pharmacists if there had been any stick-ups lately.

Nah, it’s probably silly to speculate. They were well-raised english schoolboys, after all-- I’m sure they were all upstanding young gentlemen.

Italy? Got confused by looking crosseyed at the “.itain_viagra” in the link, I guess. Must be bedtime.

It’s not impossible. When I was in high school a kid whose father was a doctor managed to get his hands on a couple of pills and slipped them into a couple of his friends food. The little dick got suspended.

What a bunch of bone heads.

They got what was coming to them.

Just like in this case, you mean?

“Hey Billy, did you just get a haircut?”

A swaggering Billy smugly answers “Nope.”

“New jacket?”


Billy leans over and confides in little Sally… “I just pulled my first boner.”