I love being an adult, or, Booze is Good!

So here I am on a Wednesday, drinking 2&2 (2 cubes and 2 fingers for the underage set) of a fine single batch bourbon. This rocks. It is so rare that I get a chance to do this that I am revelling in the joy.

Bourbon is my choice, Labrot and Graham currently, Knob Creek usually. What is your weekday retreat? And at what point did you start drinking to enjoy flavors rather than to get schlocked? For me it was once I got a job with a salary. Back then, Jack Daniels was the high life. Times change. Being 30 and having disposable income does have some significant advantages.

This subject makes me feel like an old codger. I rarely drink anymore. It’s a big tradeoff thing for me: Hmmm, I’ll like the taste and feeling relaxed, but do I want the calories? Do I want to feel as tired as I know it will make me? Do I want to get loose-tongued (which I will if I keep on drinking past the tired stage)? The answer is almost always No. And I used to be quite the social drinker in college and the early days of grad school!

We had a poker game a few weeks ago and if it weren’t for my mom coming to visit next week, the leftover beer would sit for months. That’s a switch–having the parents clean out the kids’ booze supply.

But tak29813, in honor of you and the privilege of being able to drink legally, I’m going to go have one of those beers. I’ll be passed out by 11:20 with only 8 ounces in me.

I find the taste of alcohol repulsive.

But then, I’m not your average human being.

is a “finger” the same thing as a “jigger”? (like a shot?)
i assume you dont mean that you are drinking amputated digits on ice. not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, but i like to be clear on things involving alcohol.

A finger is a measurement roughly equivalant to a jigger. It is very rare that I find a drink worthy of amputation.

Clear alcohol does have its place (bloody mary’s are a good thing). I prefer the browns, Scotch, Bourbon, other assorted Whiskeys. So stay clear.

Guano, I appreciate your position, it just means more for me.

Drinks with silly names are for silly people. Harvey Wallbangers, Screaming Orgasms, Rusty Nails, and anything involving jello: I beseech you people - grow the fuck up and drink things that are called what they are: Gin and Tonic, Whisky and Soda, Whiskey with a beer chaser. Think of some gifted distiller on Islay or in Tennessee, dedicating his life and his family legacy to produce a just-so liquid gem, only to have it mixed with Amoreto and pop-rocks. Travesty! And the same thing goes for wine. If Jesus had passed around Long Island iced tea instead of wine, we’d all be wishing eachother a “Happy Zeus Day” each Decmeber 25th.

Maybe I’m lowbrow, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than an ice cold beer after supper. As a daily brew, I enjoy Michelob, but for a real treat I quaff a product from a local brewery, Alley Kat. I enjoy Razzykat (10% Raspberry juice)by this company, but as it is seasonal, I buy enough to give myself 2 a week for the winter. Sounds weird, but I love this stuff; I suppose to each his own.

When the weather is fine, the child is smart, and the wife is beautiful, nothing–nothing–beats sitting on the back porch with some Diana Krall or Lady Day on the CD player, a good Dominican, and a great lowland single malt scotch, rocks only.

I had a friend in grad school a few years ago who tended bar at a very expensive hotel. Whenever someone would order a good booze spoiled (18 yr. The McCallan and water, Remy VSOP and 7-Up [I’m not kidding]), he’d slip them the well liquor and pour me a free one of the good stuff. Now my taste far outstrips my income and I’m considering suing him.

My BF used to say I drank like an aging alcoholic…gin & tonics, Seagram’s & ginger ale, Campari & soda. I grew up drinking what my parents drank, so by the time I went away to college & experienced the Sex on the Beach or Midori & Sprite, those kinds of fruity drinks just tasted ungodly sweet to me. If I want something fruity, I’ll have one of Montbisou’s tasty liqueurs with a splash of soda. I have a serious weakness for Jameson’s on the rocks, also for extremely dry Belvedere martinis.

& don’t even get me started about those syrupy frozen drinks that come in day-glo colors, garnished with an orange slice, pineapple wedge, maraschino cherries, little umbrella, and live parakeet.

During college, almost anything to get me sloshed. When 21 hit midway in my senior year, my tastes changed from beer and California Coolers (3.2% drinks available to 18-20 year olds in Colorado many moons ago) to 7 & 7s, screwdrivers, or concoctions I made with Everclear.

Now that I’m a settled man (wife and kid), 1 or 2 drinks a week is my max. More than two per evening gets me too tipsy, tired, and loose lipped. So my drink of choice nowadays is just a simple wine cooler.

I’ve got 5 year old bottles of booze (rum, Bailey’s, vodka) that I haven’t touched in ages. I’ll probably toss them out when my daughter gets too curious as to what they are.

Slithy Tove said:

The exception to this, of course, is the martini. Don’t bad-mouth martinis. I’ll have to hurt you.

tak29813 Hey i think I’ll join you, but I’ll take a lil bit of water with mine thanks. Cool thing is a good burboun will last me a while, mrs.stuffinb only drinks wine.

Those are mutually exclusive? I would have to say that I reached that point at around 8 months after the first time I was drunk. (I learn fast :D)

Personally I like Martinis and a few other of the classic cocktails(mm…Pink Gins are tremendous) but my main drink is neat bourbon (no ice thank you). Currently I’ve stuck to Wild Turkey 101, mostly due to lack of money. (It’s about as good as it gets when you haven’t exactly got much cash.)

I tried Booker once though. Sigh, I wish I had enough cash to be able to drink that instead.

“It was a blonde haired woman who drove me to drink and I never even thanked her for it.”
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