I love burnt popcorn--am I alone?

I just read a thread where someone complained about the smell of burnt popcorn.

I don’t make popcorn at work, but when I make it at home, I love it when about half of the kernels are in that weird, indeterminate state between normal and burnt. Greyish brown and powdery, with a touch of farm-fresh butter!

So, am I alone in this?


Burnt popcorn is an abomination.

The partly popped kernels (semi-duds) are delicious bits of crunchyness… If I could get a whole bag that would do that, I’d pay a big premium!

Uh, yeah. Freak.


Yes. odd look, shakes head

Why just last week I walked into a room at work, sniffed distastefully, then made a loud proclamation:

“Whoever burned the popcorn should be taken out and horse-whipped!”

Eat all the burnt popcorn you’d like. But don’t make it at work. It’s the olfactory equivalent of nails on the chalkboard.

I’ll sign on. Yes, I like slightly burned popcorn, and I don’t care who knows it! :smiley:

Solidarity! I am not an animaaaal!


On the stove, I’ll leave the pan on just about 10-15 seconds after I hear the popping stop, and I get a nice little bundle of browned/slightly blackened stuff at the bottom.

And, thanks to my superior culinary improvisational skills, I’ve also learned that if you just use a little less oil than you normally would, you’ll still get a goodly number of half-popped, cracked open seeds.

All that, coated in yummery buttery goodness with too much salt.


First person to say chlesterol gets bonked with my Whirley Pop TM

I agree too! Those little half-opened, half-burnt kernals are my favorite. Burnt, fully-popped ones… not so much.

Thanks to the prevalence of corn down here (and potatoes, but that’s another story), Peruvians have developed hundreds of corn-based snacks. Currently my leading favorites are canchitas saladas, which are basically large corn kernels roasted until the insides pop and become powdery/dry/popcorny; but the outsides stay kerneled with a thin veneer of shell; and andinos, which can be best described as Corn Nuts on steroids – each one is about the size of a quarter or even half-dollar and are slightly lighter and crispier than U.S. corn nuts.

My god. I need to go to Peru. Those sound amazing.

Unto Nuggan, right?

then again, this Abomonation is pretty meaningless as unpopped popcorn as well as normal popped popcorn is an Abomonation unto Nuggan…

strangely enough, for some reason, Kettle Corn is not an abomonation unto Nuggan…

Email me your addy, they cost like a dollar down here.

Like these?

The half popped duds and the slightly singed kernels are wunnerful. However, the totally blackened ones are disgusting beyond what anybody should ever have to deal with.

False_God what you are describing sounds like its worth the price of a plane ticket to Peru alone.

I really like the burnt ones. Maybe my bod needs carbon?

Burned popcorn?



No man is an island…unless he’s perverted enough to like burnt popcorn. Bleaghch!