I love cats as much as anybody, but

I love cats as much as (maybe more–I have 4, for goodness’ sake) anybody, but these things are the ugliest things I have ever seen. And lucky me–I got one for my birthday. I hope they got it on sale. I know they spent about $15 on postage. :frowning:


For those who don’t want to clickie on the linkie, they are really, really ugly cat statues. They look like the cat has been skinned and put back together, seams and all.

PS I know it was a gift, they meant well, etc. Honest. I am sure I have given a few stinkers in my life.

ETA: The one I got is Coral, 4th down on this page. Stuck on tail and everything. And it is a 2007 release, so prolly not on sale.


Ok, here is my question: how do I prevent getting a whole collection of these? It was from my brother- and sister-in-law, so I can see a lifetime of them.

OK, those are fugly.

Inform your inlaws that, while you appreciate the thought, if they ever send another one of those mostrosities to you again, they will be the ones responsible for the multi-state killing spree.

I didn’t see one named Coral. Some of the kitten ones aren’t too scary but some of those others look like … well …

Not for the squeamish or anyone who’s recently lost a pet

When a pet dies we wrap it in a thick cadaver bag and put it in the freezer. On rare occasions the owner may ask to see the pet again after it’s been in the freezer a while or sometimes to identify a lost pet. We try to warn them that they don’t look good. Sometimes when adding other bodies to the freezer and moving them around they can end up frozen in odd positions. Actually, they usually end up looking like the statues of Fat Cat, Moe and Mini.

You could break it and then tell them that unfortunately you can’t have nice breakable things because your cats knocked it off the shelf. You could probably just go ahead and put it on the shelf and let the cats do the job so you don’t have to lie. The worst that could happen is they buy you a cabinet with glass doors to display your treasures and then get you a new statue every year. How likely is that?

Wow. Those are frightening. At first I thought some of them weren’t that bad, and then I discovered I could enlarge the photo and take a closer look. :eek:

It isn’t the positioning that bugs me as much as the fact that they look skinned. Really, what is the purpose of that??? To see what I mean, look at Coral’s leg (4th pic of the 2nd link in the OP). Why would the scupltor do that?

Click the 2nd link.

It’s like statues someone made based on **Pet Semetary. **Holy shit, those are ugly.

“Sometimes… dead is better.”

My god! The goggles, they do nothing!

Tell them about the screaming nightmares about hideous mad-scientist-reject cats you’ve started having every night.

Oh god those could give me nightmares.

I don’t really know how to avoid getting more (we have got a huge collection of those unbearable ceramic train cars that my MIL insists on giving my son for every birthday, Christmas, etc., because there is simply no way to tell her that I find them about as attractive as a polyp from a rat’s intestine) but here’s a starting point:

“Hey, thanks so much for that cat statue! I liked it so much I went on line to look at the rest of the collection to see if there were any others I wanted to get, and you know what’s amazing? The one you got me is by far my favorite one – I don’t actually like the rest of them. You must know my taste pretty well given that you picked the one statue out of the collection that I liked. Thanks for doing such an incredible job of choosing the one that works for me!”

Meh. It’s a start - maybe another Doper can improve on it.

I´ve just finished working on a horror movie (I do VFXs), I spent six months animating an undead cat; black, bald spots, covered in scabs and oozing blood, half the face rotten away and blind eyes. When it appears someone dies in a horrible way.

It´s not half as unsetting as most of those statues…

Yeah, same here.

Some are not to bad but others are just down right freaky and sort of sickening. They gave me the heebie jeebies.

I can’t imagine someone actually wanting one of those.

They strike me as cats that would belong to a Terry Pratchett Igor .

OMG, it’s Frankenkitty! :eek:

I award this effort Post of the Day. :slight_smile:

Wow! Like H.P. Lovecraft designed Cabbage Patch Cats!

I suppose we could make it fun and add loltags to them.
For Coral:
“My starfish. Let me show you it.”

Fot this one,:
“Goin’ to Villige Peepul consert brb”

have at it!

Oh, my God, I thought they were cute until I looked at a BIG picture.

Somebody hold me, I’m skeered. Can’t sleep, kitties’ll eat me! :eek:

Because I’m apparently a masochist, I kept looking around at that site. yeesh!

But I have to say, some of their wildlife stuff is…not hideous, in a kitchy way.

Well, not AS hideous. If I saw it in my auntie’s house, at least I wouldn’t think “Jeez! That’s uglier than cousin Mongo!”

Eeeek - they are not cute at all. I think an “accidental” breakage is definately in order!

I’m also getting a Pet Cemetery vibe.

Nice try, but the danger is they might release a range of rabbits or something next year. With myxamatosis.

Check out Pickles. Poor Pickles, he never saw the truck coming until it was too late…