I Love Fall

Why I love Fall:

Jackets and coats
Hats, gloves, and scarves
Putting an extra blanket on the bed for maximum snuggle-osity
The smell of wood-burning fires when I walk home
Leaves changing (saw some in Michigan this weekend!)
New TV season
Fall movies I want to see (Red Dragon, Harry Potter, The Two Towers–yes, I know it’s December, but the anticipation begins NOW), Die Another Day, Punch Drunk Love, Adaptation, The Ring, Phone Booth, etc)
Thanksgiving (September to December is the feedbag season, and although I didn’t care lose any preemptive holiday weight I’m going to enjoy it all)
The appearance of various seasonal beers in liquor stores

What did I miss?

Apparently the heating isn’t going to work in my house so I’m going to live inside my sleeping bag for the next 5 months.


Lower humidity, YAYY!

Hot Chocolate, Spiced Apple Cider, Daylight Savings Time (1 extra hour of sleep - even if only for a day) and my birthday is in October :slight_smile: (not that I expected you to know this, brondicon). I love Fall too, you covered most of the reasons.

BURN PILES! I have a mess of tree limbs just itching to be burned.

You can step outdoors without being assaulted by mosquitoes.

You get acorns in the fall. This fact truely makes up for the lack of feeling in my limbs.


When and if fall gets here, I’m looking forward to being able to turn off the air conditioning and open the windows. Alas, it’s the end of September, and the temps are supposed to be in the 90s today, with humidity in the 70-80% range. It’ll also mean I can bake without turning the entire house into an oven. And the grass will grow slower so I don’t have to cut it as often.


I want to love fall, but I can’t. Don’t you folks realize fall means everything pretty dies and turns brown? It also means a lot of agressive wasps are out. And I hate wearing more clothes, I’d rather wear shorts. Plus it means the stress of Christmas is coming soon.

Spring is better.

Hi Boscibo! Sorry, you haven’t convinced me. I love Christmas and just before the trees turn brown they turn all kinds of wonderful shades. I haven’t experienced the wasps. I love the fall, for many of the reasons listed in the OP, but for other reasons as well. Football! The wonderful fresh smell! So very many of my happy memories come from fall, I can’t share them all but they make me feel happy just thinking about them.

But spring is nice too.

I adore fall. I like Longhorn games, and those happen in the fall as well.

I’m convinced fall is the reason Texas remains inhabited. If it weren’t for fall, all but a few people would have long ago said “To hell with this heat” and packed up and left. We’ve had a recent spate of wonderful weather and everyone has been walking around happy.

Fall is the best season of all. I love it for all the reasons mentioned plus the fact that the squirrel activity in my backyard hits tremendous heights.

Also, some of my favorite things to do are to snuggle down and do quiet things like reading a book or watching a good movie, while drinking a cup of tea or something of that sort. When the sun is shining and the weather is fine, I get all depressed because I think I ought to be outside doing kooky things like the Doublemint twins.

Does anybody know why squirrels stand up and start doing this little dance on their hind legs? Do squirrels pound their feet on the ground when there’s danger about, like rabbits do?

You missed:

Down comforters.
Hiking and running in crisp air.
My birthday: November 9.

You forgot:

Hugging someone wearing a jacket is extra nice!
That blast of cold air hitting your lungs for the first time.
My birthday, my brother’s burthday, and my sister’s birthdays are all in October.
Cheap pies at Marie Callender’s in October.
The crunch of leaves.

I love fall, for a lot of the reasons given above, but also because it tends to be the time of year when I feel best. I get nasty migranes in the summer if I go out in the sun, and in spring the erratic storms also contribute to migraines. I tend to get the fewest migraines in the winter, but my toes are cold for three months at least. :wink:

My birthday’s in October, too.
Halloween, and candy, and seeing the little kids all dressed up
Raking leaves (well, it’s fun for twenty minutes or so, and we have a small yard)
Flannel sheets on the bed
Long pants and snuggy sweaters


-Cooler weather
-New apple crop means no more mushy tasteless apples left over from last season.
-The World Series
-You can stop mowing the lawn (at least where I am).
-It’s a better season for travel because the roads are less crowded.
-Red candy corn (Has anybody else had this? It’s hot-cinnamon flavored, tough to find, and seriously addictive.)

Three glorious holidays of gluttony!

Halloween–all the candy you want. Plus evil! Yay for evil!

Thanksgiving–turkey…drool…mashed potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie, stuffing, friends, whips, yams, lapdances, cookies, pumpkin cheesecake, ham, brownies.

Christmas–trees, fuzzy stockings, painting my bricked and built over mantle with pictures of santa burning and the grinch stepping on his smouldering remains, tinsel, presents, glittery things, food, friends, pocket rockets, snow, ornaments, and breaking out the Christmas Cock!

The best holidays come in fall and winter. (Along with Groundhog Day in February.) And all of my friends from home and college come visit and play!

Oh, you forgot the golden autumn sunlight, with the last of the insects bumping around in the long rays (does the light change as dramatically as far south as Michigan :)?)

There’s Keats’ “misty fruitfullness” or whatever, and the thrilling smell of the unnaccustomed chill. Up in these parts we’re just getting used to darkness at 7 or 8pm. Generally I feel that my feeling for nature becomes much more acute once summer is over, although this year I was particularly drawn to the many cherry trees and the ubiquitous smell of honeysuckle.