What is your favorite season of the year?

What is your favorite season of the year?

Perennially I have always answered “summer” to this question. I like summer. I really like summer, but unfortunately I now capitulate to fall.

In the fall there is no yard work, no grass to cut and no pool to keep clean. There also is no snow to shovel.

The temperatures in the fall are totally reasonable (5 - 15 Celcius) and the smell of wood burning is in the air.

Fall in Canada welcomes thanksgiving and then Halloween. Winter doesn’t get underway until late November or early December. So, there’s 10 to 12 weeks of no outside work at all, and no snow. I’m really starting to prefer the fall.

There are only two seasons. Football, and Summer. I prefer Football.

Summer. I like it hot. Next best is autumn. I hate winter, and living in New England, I’ve only experienced a real spring a few times in my life - it snows through April, then it gets hot by mid-May.

I’ve always thought that fall was my favorite. Lately I’ve noticed that I’m more deliriously happy in the spring, though. Where I live winters are frigid and summers are broiling, so I don’t like either of those. The in-between seasons when it’s possible to be outdoors are the best.

October is my favorite month. So, fall.

winter hands down

I live in Texas, so fall without doubt. The crushing heat slacks off and things get tolerable, then nice. Football. Thanksgiving coming up (my favorite holiday - food and no pressure to buy presents). Just seems like a chance to relax a bit and breathe after 3/4 of a year of other b.s.

Where’s winter for you? 'Cause winter sucks in Ottawa.

Winter’s 5-6 months long in Ottawa too, isn’t it?

Snow accumulation lasts for more like 4 to 5 months typically. Some winters the snow comes early November and leaves early April. Sometimes it’s a few weeks earlier on each side. Too long for me.

Of course seeing snow in October and even May is common, but it doesn’t stick around.

Over here, I’d say the rainy season. Tempers the heat somewhat and makes everything green again.

But back stateside, it was always spring. Summer was a close second, being out of school and running around being a kid and going off on our annual trip. But late summer was also the start of school. School ended in spring, spring was the harbinger of good things to come. By the time you made it into summer, it was time to start dreading going back to school again for too much of the season. That feeling stuck with me into adulthood.

Well since I teach I like summers best. But for the season as a season, I like fall best (apart from those damn leaves). I think my tastes are switching somewhat to spring no though as it’s great to anticipate summer before it gets hot.

Dry season. Mid December to mid April. The trade winds are blowing, which makes it cooler. The trees burst into flower.

The depths of the rainy season in October and November can be kind of depressing.

I picked spring because it stops being gray all the time and baseball starts up. I love baseball season.

It was actually pretty close between spring and fall.



Sweatshirts! Jackets! If it’s particularly cold, both sweatshirts *and *jackets!

More rain!

That’s early fall, where I come from.

I chose fall because I never don’t like fall, but my favorite season is really “changeover.” I like the changes heralding winter, spring, summer, and fall almost equally. I get bored with seasons halfway through.

In Sydney, both autumn and winter pretty much suck, IMHO. Just miserable weather. Spring and summer both have pluses, but I personally prefer the heat of summer. December is just lovely.

I love spring and autumn both, but if I had to choose, it’d be autumn. I HATE summer in Korea. It is sticky and hot and generally disgusting. There is nothing worse than lying in bed at night with the fan blowing at full strength while you just stare at the ceiling and sweat like a farm animal. Autumn is much more of a relief to me than spring is.

The one that has Christmas in it. That season’s so great other holidays seem to like it too.