Favorite Season

So, which is your favorite season?

Feel free to elaborate if you feel the urge.

I can’t vote for specific season because it really isn’t.

My favorite times of the year are early May to late June and then early September to early October. Days in the upper 60’s to mid 70’s, nights in the 50’s.

Well, I like the monsoon season, which is now. As disruptive as the rains can be for traffic, they do tend to clean the air and turn everything green.

As for your Western seasons, it’s pretty much a toss-up between spring and summer. Very hard for me to choose between those two.

I like winter because it’s quiet outside and very peaceful going for a walk when no one else it out. It’s also very cozy inside, snuggling under the covers in a cold bedroom, etc.

I like spring because all my plant babies start growing again and there is the promise of the nice, warm, outside weather to come.

I like fall because the weather is still nice but the heat of summer is usually past. Autumn has a pleasant feeling of completion.

Summer, well, the livin’s easy in summer. I work in the garden, I go for walks, we go for a nice vacation. Warm days, warm nights - summer’s just too damned short.

Fall, when we finally get some respite from the heat.

Here in northern CA I prefer spring. Rains are slowing to a trickle and everything is green and vibrant. I once had a geography professor claim that how you knew you were a good Californians is whether you appreciate the nine months out of the year that CA is dried out and brown ( “not brown, GOLDEN!!” :wink: ). But I gotta admit I like that green period.

I had a couple of friends that moved here from back East some years ago and they arrived in spring. They were excitedly telling their relatives back home how beautiful and green CA was. That didn’t last long :p.

This is me, and it trumps the other seasons. When I have a SO, there’s a kind of romance to the season. Standing close to each other for warmth when outdoors, snuggling under thick covers, putting my coat around the SO to keep her warm, or wrapping her up in a bear hug under my overcoat. I also simply like cold weather and snow, so bonus. Plus, I look awesome when I’m dressed up, and cold weather means I can dress up to the nth degree.

Spring and Fall are next, perhaps Fall more than Spring (because Fall means Winter is around the corner!). Cool weather, many of the same romantic things as Winter. They’re usually prettier seasons than winter; no grimy slush or grey heaps of plowed snow. Winter can be beautiful right after a fresh snowfall, but that only lasts a day or two before getting dirty looking. Utility bills are at their lowest for me, too.

I hate summer. Heat, humidity, bugs, threats of drought. Too much day, too little night. If you dress up, you’re miserable, and there’s a limit to how much clothing you can remove to be comfortable (at least in public).

Fall - it means that summer is over, and the hot weather has ended!!

Winter is second, spring is third (it’s nice, but it means that summer is approaching again).

And summer just plain sucks.

Yes, on all counts. Of course, I live in Atlanta…

I must admit, summer has been pretty awesome now that we have 3 things: kids, a pool, and a vegetable garden.

Would also be helpful to know where the posters in this thread live.

Winter. What else would I pick?

In Florida the differences aren’t that extreme, but the first wood warbler, flower, or tree bud in the spring when I was living in the north (Ohio/NJ) definitely would get me going. Even here they do anyway.

Good idea.

I’m in Indiana, which has hot, humid summers. Hating summer here is probably more understandable than hating summer in, say, the San Francisco area.

Whenever the Santa Ana winds blow.

I grew up in MD and lived in NC. I love the fall because you get to see all the beauty that nature has spent spring and summer working on. There’s a feeling of gentle nostalgia in the fall. It’s like the feeling one gets when one is settling pleasantly into bed for a long-anticipated sleep, but softly drawn out for two months.

Living in S. FL, I really miss the fall.

I voted Spring because I love green green hillsides, wildflowers, rushing creeks and waterfalls. Those things show up later in the high country, so Summer would be my second choice.

Fall. The harvest is in, the process of stocking the pantry is underway. Prepping the house for the cold weather. Combined with the start of the school year and fall always feels like the beginning of the year to me. It also has my favorite weather. Cold mornings, sunny but cool afternoons, orange leaves, impossibly blue skies. Windy. Sometimes drizzly.

Summer is my religion, and the beach is my church. I pray to the crustacean gods and annoint myself with sunblock.

And it was good.

Winter. Despite living in Los Angeles, I abhor warm/hot weather. Winter is the only time in LA where you can get a few days in the 60s and the occasional dip into the 50s for daytime highs. Perfect for the likes of me.

I like summer, so many outdoor activities, all the leaves and flowers are out, and I’d rather be hot than cold.

Word. I live in the Sacramento area - hot, dry summers and cool, foggy (depending on the precipitation) winters. Brief fall and spring. I prefer the cool/cold. Sierras close by for snow sports. Yes, I love the snow, but do not live in it.