I love it when spiders eat birds

Another shit-machine gone to feed the arachnid population!:

And yes, the bird-eater is in Australia. It’s reportedly in Atheron, close to Queensland’s tropical north.

Now I think I shall sit here and wait for the freak-outs. :smiley:

Right…it’ll have to go.

nukes Australia

Yeah, I saw this on another messageboard.
We can’t have something like this existing.

Nuke them from orbit.

Well since nobody here got me a birthday gift, I’d like to make a proposition.

I’ll take all the big spiders to live with me at my house, and that way they won’t freak you out. That’s a fair trade, don’t you think?

Wow. Just…I mean…can we teach it to eat toddlers?

So if we put that one into a jar with a purple bird eating spider, who’d win?

I love spiders, but I hate common names. The “Golden Orb Weaver” apparently refers to more than one, totally unrelated, spider.

If I found that thing in my yard I’d build a flamethrower and send that son-of-a-bitch to the hell from whence it came. Good grief! :eek:

She’s lovely.

Yeah, I agree. I say we should rename this one the Golden Bird-Eater or the <strangled incoherent scream> Getitoffmegetitoffmeohgodit’sinmyHAIR.

Ewwww, why did I click that link!?

What makes it really confusing is that in Australia, apparently that’s the only name they have for this monster.

The taxonomic name for this hell-beast is Nephilia ornata.

So I didn’t have to. Thanks.

I was just about to venture a click before I saw your post. You probably saved me from a nightmare. I appreciate it.

That’s the second-biggest spider I’ve ever seen!

Holy sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

I need to go lie down with a cool cloth over my eyes. That was horrendious.

What, was thisthe biggest?

Note: Link goes directly to video with sound.

The North American spider that goes by that common name is the Argiope aurantia.

The Birdeater, I’d guess; they routinely feed on large ground insects, and the bigger ones can even take down mice. Removed from its web, the Orb Weaver would just be another snack.