I love my dreams. (tell me about yours)

Inspired by the name of the thread named “To my brain: What kind of sorry excuse for a dream is that?”

(I am too alcohol-happy to have read the thread but it gave me an idea)

I, for one, adore my brain for it’s dream-creating ability. It doesn’t create them often (my fault - alcohol) but when it does it creates some uttery indescribable epics. I only wish I could put them into words afterwards.
So I created a thread to ask if any of my fellow dopers feel the same way, and if per chance they have managed to get their beautiful dream into words before their brain undertook the cruel task of forgetting 95 percent of the detail.

“Where is this thread?”

Duh. It’s this one. Waffle about your dream experiences here.

Ok, this one was really strange. I’m thinking of writing a sci-fi/horror movie about it.

First off, realize that I go back and forth between being in the dream and just watching it. The main character of the drema is a female scientist, except when I’m the main character, then I’m a male scientist.

Ok now.

It starts off with this scientist getting a new job and looking around this office which has lots of mineral samples. This has nothing to do with the rest of the dream, but I remember it.

Next, the scientist has a dream where she sees the odd shapes floating around her. The next day, she constructs a model of the shapes and realizes that she was seeing a different dimension. She also realizes how to enter this dimensions.

Her coworkers all tell her not to do it. She does it (of course)

She sees the strange shapes again and ends up talking to a couple of them. They tell her she can’t leave. That now that she’s entered, she must stay.

Somehow she gets out (how I’m unclear on).

Anyway, odd things start happening, she walks into an elevator and looks to her right, there’s a person, but the person is too far away. She exits the elevator and there’s the person, outside the elevator at the same distance. Like she was seeing through the wall.

Then people start appearing nad disappearing at random. She seems to think this old poem will protect her but she has trouble remembering it.

(the poem was one I read a long time ago. It goes:

“There was a man upon the stair
a little man who was not there
he wasn’t there again today
oh how I wish he’d go away”)

One of her coworker comes up and says “we told you not to go. Anyone whos ever gone has ended up here” and opens a door where you see row after row of people hanging from the wall in little bubbles.

End of dream.

I’ll just note that I absolutely loved that dream. I liked it so much, when I woke up, I went over it a few times in my head to try and remember as much as possible.

Yes, I to love my dreams!

I dream like mad all the time. Usually two or three good dreams a night!
Often I wake up in the middle of the night from them. Unfortunately I can
usually only remember the last one as this pushes the previous dreams form my memory.

I don’t drink or party a lot, usually just one weekend night with my friends … so
that doesn’t interfere with things.

I probably should start a dream journal, but trying to write down a dream
at 3:00 AM when you wake up from it brings me to too much of an awake state.
Making it take a longer time to fall back asleep into REM (dream mode).

On the plus side I can usually remember my last dream of the night for
like half the day … these are the ones I should be writing down.

I’ve even bought books on Lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is when you realize
your dreaming and then take control of the dream and do some crazy shit
(or so the books say). I have a few times realized, naturally, that I was dreaming
because I would say to myself. Wow, that’s crazy and impossible … wait this
has to be a bream … puff … then I wake up!

I woke up from the following dream quite happy and satisfied this AM 'Twas the
Best :slight_smile:

I’m with this cute, pretty, sweet and nice girl that I see a few times a day at
work. We are outside this guard like shack building that we think is a teleporter.
We would try and enter one at a time, but as soon as one of us entered and invisible
force field or something would then prevent the other from entering. So, after we had each
taken turns trying to go in first, she turns to me and say I know … pulls me tight
against her, face to face, and wraps her arms around me in a big hug. Then pulls both
of us into the shack. We’re in … she smiles kisses me passionately and this
turns into a gentle French kiss initiated again by her :slight_smile: Poof …dream
ends there … I wake up.

Nice, short, simple, extremely pleasurable, easy to remember!