I love my MR2

IMHO of course, the 1991-1995 Toyota MR2 is one of the finest autos ever made. I absolutely love driving my car. It’s fast, handles like a glove, has only one other seat (sorry, I cant take the boys…), and the engine is in the middle where it belongs. As far as sports cars go its relative inexpensive, which makes it all the more fun

I also have owned a 1996 MR2, and that was a driving experience all in its own. It handled much more like a gocart than a sports car. I loved every moment I spent in that car as well.

so, in closing, if you have the oppertunity to own a 2 seat sports car, I would highly recommend any MR2 you can get your hands on.

The Mark I MR2 is also an awesome car. It’s not quite as luxurious or fast as the 2nd generation, but it is tossable and lots of fun for the money.

I had a very nice 1986, http://mkimr2.8m.com, until it was broadsided by a Mercedes sedan. Despit the tiny exterior dimensions, it’s a safe car and I managed to walk away from an accident that totalled both cars. Currently, I’m looking for another '2.

I lost my MKI in a very similar accident, I pulled out infront of a 91 camero (or so I am told, I dont remember any of it) – Totaled out my MR2, but I walked away with a moderate concussion and a few bumps/bruses. I would deffinately agree that the MKI is a very safe car. I would love to own both if I could afford to do so.